October 24, 2006


Well, it was bound to happen. With scarce few slots remaining in the skeleton countdown two skeletons have decided to contend for the same position. I will use the standard scientific evaluation of each and the better skeleton will make the countdown. I present you with The Battle of the Bendys..

"The Great White Bendy"
Era: 1980s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Ben Franklin store
Rib Count: 16
Celebrity Look-alike: Clint Eastwood
Description: A sturdy, moody, well-designed bendy.
Additional Info: I noticed that this skeleton can be seen in every layout of the book "I Spy: Spooky Night" and I also saw that they used the crab-like alien from this post. (On the cover below the skeleton is in the doorway and the crab alien is in the window.)

And in this corner...

"The Green Machine"
Era: 1980s or 90s 2000s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: Only his eyes
Place of Origin: Athens, GA
Rib Count: 16
Celebrity Look-alike: Napoleon Boneapart from the Groovie Goolies
Description: A sturdy, happy, well-designed bendy.
Additional Info: A gift from Devlin Thompson, a marvelous cartoonist, designer and proprietor of Bizarro Wuxtry comics and toys.

The Judgment: While Mr. White is probably older (and in terms of skeletons.. older is better) ol' greeny comes out ahead slightly in the Glow-in-the-Dark category. And they both share the same number of ribs so that's no help.
Now, the white one has gained a certain level of notoriety by way of those children's books, however, the green wonder was a gift.. a tangible representation of pure altruism..a glimpse of mankind at its best. And that, dear readers, trumps all.

The Winner: Skeleton #8 is... "The Green Machine"
Cause of Death for The Great White Bendy: Killed with kindness


gugon said...

Oh, I totally agree with your final judgement. I mean, the "Great White Bendy" is a fine, robust skeleton - and I have nothing against him.

But, man, does that green skeleton make a striking impression. The way the light plays through that clear green rubber is magnificent. And the fact that you can see the wire - the skeleton within the skeleton - there's something almost poetic about that. And JUST the eyes glow - that's really cool.

The realistic bone structure and the definition of the hand bones. I could go on and on. This is a first rate skeleton. Maybe my favorite so far.

(And that smile: It COULD be a happy smile, but it could also be saying, "Come and get it muthaf***a!")

Kirk D. said...

I'm glad you noticed the wire showing through. Even cooler that the wire is black. And good point about the restrained use of glow in the dark. You see the eyes coming at you and you think you'll improve the situation by turning on the lights and then you do and.. "It's a skeleton!"

Devlin Thompson said...

You know, upon reflection, I think that this is not actually a skeleton, per se, but rather the GHOST of a skeleton. Maybe this is what you'd get it you could kill a ghost. Whatever he is, of the 4 or 5 types of toy skeletons I've bought this Halloween, this guy is the king.

CJD said...

gugon summed up my thoughts exactly.

Kirk D. said...

devlin- here I fancy myself a skeleton-knowing guy and I blew the era of origin. Although I'm happy that he's on shelves at this very moment. Boy, the skeleton of a ghost. I need to ponder that for a while.
Thanks again for him he is truly a winner.

cjd- well, then I say to you.. very good insight!

Trevor Petkus said...

OMG! That green skeleton bendy is awesome! Do you guys have anymore info on the little fella? I'd like to track one down if possible. Please help if can do. <3

Kirk D. said...

My only advice is to set up an ebay alert for "green skeleton bendy." I wish you luck on your skeleton quest.

Trevor Petkus said...

Thank you, sir! I shall! <3