October 25, 2006


Era: 1970s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Classroom Halloween party
Rib Count: 6
Celebrity Look-alike: James Woods?
Description: Small plastic skeleton
Additional Info: Nah.
Cause of Death: Sedentary lifestyle
Rating: 6.0


Herva said...

Look-alike, the "Mini-me" guy from Austin Powers. Maybe not very PC of me but that's what I see, and cause of death, OD from huffing green spray-paint.

Devlin Thompson said...

You know, I think somewhere I've got that exact head, even down to the green spray, as part of a pair of Halloween "deely-bobbers." And I mean "part" literally...just the head and spring survive. They would have been late '80s vintage...well past the deely-bobber's moment in the sun (I recall first seeing them for sale at the Knoxville World's Fair). I know I never wore these,,,Those things were always too small for my massive cranium. I expect that I bought them to make something with the skulls, but I can't recall if I ever did.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like Cletus the slack-jawed yokel from the Simpsons.

gentle_dissident said...

twould make a nice album cover

Smurfwreck said...

Is that skeleton on the can? Eww.