October 23, 2006


1960s or 70s Probably 80s or later
Glow-in-the-Dark?: Yes
Place of Origin: Cain and Abel
Rib Count: Unknown
Celebrity Look-alike: The Ghost of Christmas Future
Description: Boy, there's a lot that's already been written about this guy. It's hard to think of anything new to add. You're probably better off just reading this.
Additional Info: Part of the MPC monster series.
Cause of Death: Himself
Rating: 1.7 (I'm cheating death)


Steven Altis said...

He looks so sad! Like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Is his job finally getting to him or is something in his personal life troubling him?

Anonymous said...

Kirk, is this something you got in the '70s? I'd be surprised if you say "yes", as I'm sure none of the original "Pop-Top Horrors" were glow-in-the-dark (and that this one therefore is probably not from the "1960s or 70s".) I have an original bought for me in 1964 or '65; like all the MPC figures I saw at the time, it came only in one of four colors. I believe this is a re-pop; Mexico turned out re-pops of Marx monster figures; maybe this is an '80s or '90s Mexican re-pop.

Just me poppin' off.

Max the drunken severed head

Kirk D. said...

I think folks will get a kick out of seeing death so bummed out.

max- yes, I personally bough him in 1969. Oh, I can't lie about it. I got him at a toy show in the 90s. I didn't know they continued to make these after the 70s. (but I guess if I know one thing about skeletons it's that they never stop making them)
I probably shouldn't have paid 200 bucks for him, huh? Well, that's another lie.
He does have MPC on his base. Do the repros have that intact?

Rozum said...

This is a great skeleton, repro, or not. I've always wanted to replace the pop-top monsters I had as a wee lad. (those heads can't be popped off too many times, before it's permanent). Great stuff.

Hi Max, good to see you here. I have something for you. Email me with your address.

Dr.Terror said...

60's , 70's, 80's Whatever..The glow MPC's are the coolest anyways.

gugon said...

Excellent skeleton. They could have taken the easy route and just made the usual grim reaper, standing there grimly.

But they chose to put some imagination into this one, creating a mysterious back story. You can't look this guy without wondering what he is so sad about.

My theory is he went to reap somebody's soul and the guy was already dead when he got there. And maybe it was a really long walk.

Kirk D. said...

dr. terror- yup, like I've always said, it should be a rule that all skeletons (and some monsters) must glow in the dark.

gugon- ha! That would make a good film. Even better if it were shot with plastic toys.