October 27, 2006


Era: 1970s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Classroom Halloween party
Rib Count: 18
Celebrity Look-alike: John Voight
Description: Just about the time I had decided that school was totally useless, this little guy (who was attached to a tube of candy pellets) was tossed upon on my desk. It was mine to keep.. my first and only government funded skeleton. And he wasn't just for looking at.. he could do tricks! With some careful manipulation of his plastic slide-bar he performed acrobatics. Just look at this photo to the right that I pulled off ebay...
Handstands were his favorite, but different moves on my part yielded different results from him. Then when I discovered I could release one or both of his hands the possibilities blew wide open. It was like a living video game and I had the remainder of the school year to master it.
Additional Info: Also useful as a pencil topper.
Cause of Death: Performing without a net.
Rating: 7.9


HarveyMidnight said...

This one is great! I just watched the Nightmare Before Christmas with my kids.. this guy would have fit right into cute/creepy Halloweentown!

Flashfink! said...

All of the exercise you put him through sure paid off. Check out that washboard stomach!

CJD said...

What a stiff!