October 28, 2006


Era: 1960s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Toy show
Rib Count: 14
Celebrity Look-alike: Steve Buscemi
Description: Yeah, yeah laugh it up. You see dust on him, right? Well, show me a collector with a dust-free collection and I'll show you a crappy collection. (Unless of course it's a very rich collector with enough glassed-in displays to enclose his entire collection. In that case, the collection would probably be pretty great. Unless the rich collector collects Beanie Babies.)
Anyway, a skeleton with a pet bat is completely awesome.
Additional Info: Part of the MPC monster series
Cause of Death: Bat rabies
Rating: 8.2


Smurfwreck said...

I can so see Buscemi in him. Also, dust and skeletons go together like weird red jelly and Spam, so it's all good.

gentle_dissident said...

glow in the dark is great, but the glow in the dark snap togethers are made of flimsy plastic. today, in a junk shop, i discovered that they're also made in purple and blue swirled sturdy plastic. i paid the dollar and now he hovers beside me

gentle_dissident said...

i just counted nine skulls around my desk. being an ex vagabond, i've lost many over the years. this collection is only a couple of years old. i've also picked up 2 skull masks. death reminds me to live

Flashfink! said...

This skeleton and skeleton #9 both have holes in their bases. #4 seems blissfully ignorant of this fact, but I think #9 has just dropped his car keys down his base hole.

Rozum said...

That's a great skeleton. I suspect that the dust is evidence that this fellow was, a short time ago, a walking mummy, or a vampire who stepped out in the sunlight; the bat a sympathetic familiar desperately racing to warn his friend before it's too late, alas, his wings were not quick enough, and tragedy triumphs.