October 02, 2006


Era: 1990s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Discount store
Rib Count: 10
Celebrity Look-alike: Alfred E. Neuman
Description: Well, what's to say about this snappy little fellow? I guess I'd better think of something because there are twenty-nine more after this one. This guy is a part of the "Metal Linking Ring" family of skeletons which became all the rage among skeleton-makers in the 1990s. He was originally part of an earring, so a good dangle was the primary goal (while painting both eyes was not). He's got some stuff going for him.. acceptable design, compact size, a winning grin. But the fact that it was intended as jewelry somehow detracts from its very essence. Search deep in yourself.. get in touch with your seventh (or eighth) sense, (whichever it is that can sense stuff about skeleton photos.) I'm betting you can actually feel the fact that this item was not created to simply exist as a skeleton. And there's something highly disturbing about that.
Additional Info: Fortunately for me, this skeleton was more durable than the ear-clamping device that it once attached to because I inherited him after the mechanism broke.
Cause of Death: Head injury
Rating: 5.8


chuckbaris said...

I'm waiting to see if you will feature what I consider to be the all best time plastic skeleton. If I do not see it by all hallow's eve I will know you are a failure, and that I have finally bested you.

chuckbaris said...

whoops. Now who looks like the fool.
Also I used to have one of these ear rings in about the fifth grade and I wore it, and took myself seriously.

Anonymous said...

I never made it quite to the dangly skeleton earring stage. In the sixth grade I did have one of those baddass metallica dangly earrings though, the one with two skulls that dangled next to the word metallica in the shar and blocky font.

At least there was life after earringdom for this little fella...

gentle_dissident said...

yup, had one in my ear fer a while

can't wear earrings anymore because of the smelly oozing infection

i don't think i ever took myself seriously

a silver skull with a pearl eye and moving jaw was my fave earring. it fell out in a ramones mosh pit. i dropped to the floor and instantly made contact with a piece of metal with each hand. i grasped them and was instantly jerked up by the concerned around me. i though i'd saved the skull and the jaw. however, the skull was intact. the other piece of metal was the back

Kirk D. said...

chuck- You WILL see the best skeleton ever. It will be number 1. You should be able to delete posts with the little trash can (I think you can see it on your own posts) I deleted your dupe for you. Now your post makes no sense and you still appear foolish.

smurf- I'll bet your metallica one was metal. this guy shows that you can't be hardcore and be made out of plastic.

gentle- the jaw is still out there... somewhere. all alone.