October 04, 2006


Era: 1960s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Unsold dime store stock
Rib Count: 16
Celebrity Look-alike: Tom Waits
Description: This skeleton is of some historical significance because an assembly-line worker was churning out this model and discovered they could cut their eye-painting time in half by simply blasting the entire face with their airbrush. "Hey, the boss said he wanted both eyes to be black.. well, they're black.* " The higher-ups were stumped by this technicality and it seemed that their hands were tied until they struck upon the realization that they could fire the insubordinate on the grounds of excessive paint overuse. This sort of scenario is a typical occurrence in the high stakes world of novelty skeleton production.
[*Translated from Chinese]
This design gets points for being so streamlined.. it proves that the pelvis is really just a waste of space. It's globbiness is strangely appealing, as if he's made of sweet vanilla icing. Best of all, his head is turnable for hours of additional fun.
Additional Info: This was part of a lot that was gifted to me by a retired police officer who has a dream of opening a soda fountain that sells vintage dime store toys. Naturally, I wish him the best in this endeavor and once it's complete I shall certainly visit.
Cause of Death: Exploding cigar
Rating: 8.1


Smurfwreck said...

Man, talk about black lung, that skeleton is a coal mining freak.

BTW, this countdown is skele-tal-rific man. So focused and fun.

Todd Franklin said...

Now I don't want you to get a big head like Skeleton #29, but this countdown is just brilliant! I get a good chuckle that rattles my bones everyday when I read the new entry! Of course when I’m reading I think of Casey Kasem’s voice!

Kirk D. said...

Thanks Smurfwreck and Todd!
Tis my pleasure to make your Octobers more Halloweenier.

Todd, on the very first post I should have made it manditory that the entire countdown be read in Casey Kasem voice.
(that's how it sounds in my mind as I type)