October 27, 2019


Once again, I assembled a list of Halloween activities and then followed my list.  Here is what that looked like this year...

1. Decorate for Halloween
Here's my latest innovation...

2. Make Halloween mood table
This year's theme: Mcfarlane Monsters

3. Change phone wallpaper
This is from a 1970s blacklight poster

4. Seek out new Halloween decorations and spooky toys
This year I made a startling discovery that rocked the Twitterverse.
"Attention Spooky folks: these decorations from Dollar Tree are essentially the Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III!"

5. Read one of my vintage horror paperbacks
I ended up listening to the first book of Blackwater by Michael McDowell.


6. Play a spooky video game

7. Watch pre-selected pile of Halloween entertainment
I found the bulk of these over the past year at thrift stores and flea markets. (Though a few are perennial watches.)  My greatest score was the entire In Search Of series for $7. Over the past two months I've made it through all of these. Well, not all the In Search Of episodes.)


8. Subscribe to Shudder and watch stuff

9. Make a fire in the backyard fire pit

10. Create a horror playlist. Listen while walking/driving around.
I really just copied a couple peoples' existing lists, and then customized them to my liking.

11. Seek out some of the seasonal stuff that like-minded people are tweeting about
This year it was the Mountain Dew mystery flavor (i.e. Candy Corn), the blow mold decorations from Michaels, and the Universal Monster Bend-ems from Walgreens.


12. Write a blog post

13. and 14. Go on an October day trip/Go Halloween shopping in another town
I've been able to do a lot of this, thankfully. I make it a point to travel roads I've never traveled if possible, and go through towns I've never visited. Naturally I picked up lots of goodies.

15. Spend Halloween with my family 
And this will happen Thursday.

For me, the scariest thing about Halloween is the thought of letting the season slip by without doing whatever I can to enjoy it. This year I have nothing to fear.
Happy Halloween!


Lady M said...

Glad your Halloween list has been tackled. It looks like you have thoroughly tasted the delights of the season. I enjoyed that kitschy picture of Waylans Ku Ku - what a cool bit of retro fun.

Hauntedheadful said...

Hear!Hear!I am a bit alarmed because a lot of local businesses are acting as if Halloween is over.Understandably,since Halloween is on a Thursday,most bars and clubs had their parties this past weekend.I went to the same club I went to last year and saw the same band,only this year they dressed with a Wizard of Oz theme instead of last years KISS ensemble.I didn't mind the repeat performance,I still had a great time.Trick or treat looks to be a washout here,with rain forecast,so Im doing the old standby;Pepperoni and onion pizza,Barbecue potato chips with bacon horseradish dip,candy,and Black cherry soda(my fave Halloween comfort foods)music,video games and movies til question marks.I like the idea of displaying the Mc Farlane monsters together.I was toying with the idea of trotting out my old Mego Mad Monsters Castle and displaying it with my original Mego Monsters,and adding my AHI monsters and some new Mego and Diamond Select Monsters.Maybe next year...This was a hard earned Halloween season for me also,full of those real life distractions that make it hard to relax and enjoy.But like you, I find a way.Thanks for (stubbornly) keeping Secret Fun Spot alive and enjoy!

Jody Birchfield said...

I wholeheartedly endorse your list of Halloween festivities! You have also inspired me to attempt a Halloween mood table for next year!

Jody Birchfield said...

I wholeheartedly endorse your list of Halloween festivities! You have also inspired me to attempt a Halloween mood table for next year!

Frank Thurston said...

ALWAYS love your posts, Kirk! Just wish it wasn't just a yearly thing, buddy!


my house is cuter than yours said...

Love the light strand skelly necklace! I'll have to file that away for next year. I don't know how I missed the Walgreen's bendies. We did get a few blind box Universal Monsters Mystery Minis though.
Also my son decorated his third Mood Table this past Halloween, very proud!

Happy Halloween (belated!)


Kirk D. said...

Thanks and a happy super belated Halloween to you too Mary! (I just discovered I have a couple hundred comments awaiting moderation.)