June 11, 2008


UPDATE: The links got yanked, but check out the comments for some good news.

Here it is folks, the long-awaited second volume of vintage incidental music that was excavated for the Ren and Stimpy show. Most of this stuff seems to come from the post John K. era with several notable exceptions that were sorely missing from the first batch (i.e. Shock Horror which blared as the news "Ren Hoek Takes Bubbly Sponge Bath" hit the streets), but even if you're as unfamiliar with the later episodes as I am, you're still bound to find something you enjoy among the one hundred and ninety-four selections (that's five full hours to you and me). Compared to the last set this collection is much more massive, but it's less focused stylistically; however, this amounts to a broader and wackier range of music.

Once again, the original curators of this amassment remain shrouded in the shadows of cyberspace, but we can thank blogger Voncheech for recently upping them. And just like last time, I contributed a cover (featuring another Bill Wray masterwork), looked up and ID tagged the artists, and made a track list. Again I tried to arrange it according to musical styles. It starts with plucky mid-century easy listening, and turns glamorous before going nutso eclectic ( You name it...rag time, folk, barroom piano, jazz, country, big band, banjo pickin', traditional German, Irish, French, and Eastern, and no shortage of polkas) followed by romantic, classical, drama and suspense, all punctuated with an assortment of short cues. You're practically guaranteed to like it if you like the same things I do... wax paper... boiled football leather... dog breath. We're not hitchhiking anymore... we're riding.

194 tracks (MP3, 192 kbps), Run time: 5 hours
(for a list of track names see the comments on this post)


RoverHaus said...

Thank you Secretfunspot. Thank you Rapidshare.

You both keep me and my itunes inspired for weeks on end!

Kirk D. said...

The secretfunspot says you're welcome though I can't speak for Rapidshare.

Kirk D. said...

Track List (arranged alphabetically)-
The Achterhoek Dances
Air Raid
Animal Fair
Anitra's Dance
Ankarar Streets
Appearing Live (a)
Barber of Seville Overture
Bassoon Link (b)
Be Cool
Big Bad Giant
Bitter Aftermath
Blood and Sand
Blue Dobro (a)
Blue Harmonica
Bonnie Dundee
Boys and Girls
Brave Jack
Bring On The Girls
Brutal B
Busy Life
The Camels Are Coming
Carmen Suite - Habanera
Casbah Nights
Catfish Row
Charlie's Polka
Chicago Stomp
Clog Dance
Comic Ending (f)
Comic Ending (h)
Comic Song
Comic Tension (c)
Creole Clarinet
Cue the Action (a)
Cue the Action (b)
The Cultured Cakewalk
Custard Cakewalk
Dames and Daggers (a)
Dance of the Reed Flutes
Dancing Balkans
Dingle's Regatta
Dirty Work at the Crossroads
Drama Shock (g)
Drinking Song
Drug Addiction
Emergency Ward 10
Emotion 1
The Eternal Loser
Exciting Percussion
Fairground Organ
Fashion on Parade
Final Triumph
Finders Creepers
First Night
Flowers of the Thorn
Flute Link (d)
Flying Saucer
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
Fun Chase
Funeral Music
Funny Little Man
A Furtive Affair 59
Games Played in the Dark
Gay Time
The Glory of Prussia
Going Cuckoo (a)
Going Cuckoo (b)
Golden Oldies
Gramercy Swing
Happy Feet
Happy Hippo
A Hat, A Cane
Here and There
Heroic Sentiment
Hey, Hot Lips (d)
Holiday Fun
Hollywood Epic
Hot Club 30
Hot Liquorice (a)
I Must Leave Town
Jackson's Morning Brush
Jerry Cotton
Jive at Five
Keeping Busy
The Killing Ground (a)
King's Coronation
Kiss of Fire (a)
Knight Errant
Kommissar Maigret
Left Foot Forward
Let's Dance Susanna
Life or Death
Limelight Waltz
Londonderry Twostep
Luck 'O The Irish
Lumbering Giant
Lute Air
Magical Effect (a)
Magical Effect (c)
Magical Effect (d)
Magical Effect (e)
Magical Effect (h)
Maidens of Pireus
Major Attack
The Menacing Silence (a)
Menacing Threat
Mental Torment
The Merry Peasant
Midnight in Manhattan
Mr. Charles
Musette Madeleine
Music for Anglo Saxes
Nerve Centre
News Flash
Non Stop
Oh My Darling Clementine
On Fire
Open and End Fanfare
Pageantry Processional
Panpipe Polka
Paris Gaiety
Pavement Cafe
Petulant Penguin
Pizzacato from Sylvia
Play the Game
Poppin' Around
The Queen's Dispatch (d)
Raspberry (a)
Reach For The Stars
Relentless Chase
Revue Fox
Romance at Midnight
Romantic Evening
Romantic Legend
Roses and Moonlight
Running Off The Rails
Sad Espressivo
Santa Lucia (a)
Santa Lucia (b)
The Saucy Postcard
Scared Stiff
Send Them Victorious (b)
The Serpent's Song
The Seven Veils
Shamrock Jig
Shock Horror
Silent Scream (a)
Silent Tears
Sleazy Sax
Slow Sax
The Snow Waltz 60
South Side Shuffle
Springtime for Lovers
Squadron Airborne
Star Prizes (a)
Static Link (c)
Static link (d)
Static Link (f)
Straight 8
Sugar Beat
Summertime Outing
Suspense Musical Saw
Tango D'Amore (a)
Tender Affair
Tender Dreams (a)
That Crazy Rag
They're Playing Our Tune
This Way Out
Tiptoe Through The Tubas
Too Tired
Torn Apart
Trombone Slides (a)
Trombone Slides (b)
Trumpet Call (a)
Trumpet Call (b)
Two Old Timers
Une Nuit Au Cabaret
Unsolved Mysteries
Valse Aux Champs-Elysees
Variete (a)
Variete (b)
Veiled Threat (a)
Very End
The Waiting Silence
Waltzing in Dreamland
Yodel's Fun
Zirkon Fanfare

Anonymous said...

Now if only someone could track down the old background music from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this. I love Raymond Scott. There's nothing better than goofy, fun, vintage jazz.

Sherm said...

Thank you SOOOOO much for this treasure trove of pure joyfulness! You're the BEST!

ZSL said...

oh HELL yes.
I am doing the happy dance.

alarson17 said...

I N C R E D I B L E!
Now, if I could only find the production music for SpongeBob I could die happy!

Joseph Candelaria said...

DUUUUDDE!!! I can't believe it,i mean thank you for this AWESOME collection, now i can pimp my mp3 player while i work, thanks again man.

VonCheech said...

thanks for the cover and artist labels kirk...
good work !


just saw this cool blog...



David W. said...

This is something I would have gladly purchased if it was commercially available.

Thank you Kirk! Your selfless act of awesomeness must qualify you for a Nobel Prize or something.

Thanks again.

Anthony said...

oh man this is amazing.

FixedFoto said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks yet again for manna from Heaven, Kirk. Hope "Foot" goes through the roof, whatever the hell that means. ;)

Mr. Mantia said...

I cant thank you enough for Vol. 1 & 2 they are so great to listen to.

Anonymous said...

thanks man

i got here looking for ren & stimpy music, and i saw volume 1, download it

but surfing your blog i see there is number 2!!!! ahahaha

happy happy

nimr0d82 said...

i came through here a year plus ago and got the 1st volume. got in the mood to find more ren & stimpy albums and made it back here to find a volume 2?? sweet!! i appreciate your efforts.

Kirk D. said...

anonymous and alarson17- I'm sure the internet will come through on those eventually!

And to the rest of you- You're welcome, and it makes me glad to know that this music is disturbing the sound waves all around the planet. This stuff can only make the world a happier place.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there!
It's me again, don't know if you remember me...
This post really made my day, no my week! ;D The best thing about it that my b-day is on Friday, so it's kind of a pre-present. :)
Many, many, many thanks for this masterpiece!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is SO COOL!!!

With regards to the Spiderman music mentioned above, here's a good lead:


Anonymous said...

Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing.

Mostly Ghostly

Rich said...

We provided production music for Ren & Stimpy as well. Please take a look!

Anonymous said...

I can't get this to download from Megaupload. It just keeps redirecting me to the front page and making me wait 45 seconds, then redirects me to the front page and the letter authorization again. Can some kind soul possibly upload this to Rapidshare?

Kirk D. said...

hey earl- give it another try now. It did the same thing to me earlier, but seems to be functioning again.

Simon Templar said...

Thank you for sharing Kirk! If you guys like this kind of library music you should definitely check out my two Retro Shopping compilations which are in the same happy-go-lucky style as the music used on the Ren & Stimpy show.



LêA Holubii said...

The link is now dead. If you can, please re-upload it. Thanks

Kirk D. said...

chris, you're welcome and I 've got both of those already in my collection. great stuff.

The link is working again. enjoy!

Emmanuel Zolotarenko said...

Excelent contribution of all the freaks of ren & stimpy, i already downloaded both compilations and i want to give thanks to all the people that made this posible, you're great, and btw some songs were missing: Vesti la Giubba - by Enrico Caruso, Pas de Deux by Tchaikovsky, a night on a bald mountain by Mussorgsky and Funeral March by Charles Gounod. =) THANKS!

Juno said...

Where's Laurie Johnson's "Blood in the Gutter", one of the most recognized R&S cues?

Juno MacGuff

Anonymous said...

All links are down, all links are down!

Mind if someone makes a torrent (non-private) of both volumes?

Anonymous said...

Could someone please send me Volume II as a zip file, if they have it? keschjr@cox.net

Thanks so much!!!

Arthur Castro said...

I too can not find the Volume two zip available on google.... can someone upload a link on here or send me one!!! bowtierecords@yahoo.com

DoD said...

Man, no one has this uploaded anywhere else. Vol. 1s everywhere but no Vol. 2! If anyone re-uploads this I'll gladly re-upload it myself as well and spread it around.

Kirk D. said...

To those folks missing this one, believe it or not I don't even have it any more, it was on a hard drive that bit it. So I'll be on the lookout as well.

Ricardo said...

I think that, unfortunally, Vol 2 is now lost. There are some tracks on youtube, but only a very few. Please post here if anyone finds it!

Classical said...

I am kicking myself in the ass for not knowing about this when I first downloaded vol. 1. I like many of you have search high and low and have only found Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 has vanished. I would appreicate it if anyone reading this who has it to please up it. Heck in one file or two. That would be fantastic.

Dynis said...

Seeing there's a huge demand for the Vol. 2, I decided to upload it to my own server.
*Courtesy to Kirk D*



Please notice I will take the file down after a week or so, during which I believe it's been downloaded by many who, respectively, can mirror it again.

Kirk D. said...

Thank you, thank you Jukka!
You just made a lot of frustrated people VERY happy. Myself included.
Maybe I'll stop getting emails about this one now.


Classical said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will check back in time and mirror it myself if needed later on.

DoD said...

Alright, where can I upload a zip file this size to help out?

Anonymous said...


Jukka you are a Saint!
Kirk you're a hero to us all!

I've been searching for a week in torrent hell
and just popped in to lay a wreath and weep,
but then THIS!


Unknown said...

Oh no, it seems the zip file is corrupt.

Any help with this?

Dynis said...

Did you try to download it again?

Anyway, the file has now been taken offline(kept it longer than I promised).
Hopefully some of you, who managed to get it, would then host it elsewhere.
It was a pleasure to help.

mark said...

someone please mirror, these treasures must be shared

Unknown said...


I managed to get the ZIP of Vol. 2, it wasn't corrupt, Firefox just screwed up.

Anyways I'm uploading Volumes 1 and 2 combined to MediaFire, which doesn't delete files, and if they do, not as often.

If it expires, I'll re upload.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirk, this is fantastic!

Drod, can you please post the Mediafire link, or did I just miss it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I have been searching everywhere for this, but I can't find it. If someone could send me a link to get it, that would be very much appreciated. twillsbiz@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Nevrmind, torrent started working thanks anyway. Great tunes

Adam Smith said...

Can someone post a link to the zip again?

Anonymous said...


rapidshare links/dlc

Jim Rockford said...


I love this vintage production music and desperately want to download volume two but the links are all dead.
Can someone please help me out!

I am even willing to buy a copy on cd if need be.

Anonymous said...

read the post above yours ;)

Anonymous said...

I went to go download it but I dont know which program to use to open the file. What are you using?

Kirk D. said...

if it's a .rar file and you're on PC, try winrar

search download.com if that link doesn't work.

Kord Chandler said...

link for jdownload doesn't work. anyone have a megaupload account or something they can post. i need these songs to expand my sample library.

Anonymous said...

these links do work, i just rechecked the availability of all the three archives in the mentioned dlc.

download the dlc from the forum post at www.vagos.fm. open the dlc either with jdownloader or cryptload, they will check the availability of the files and download them. these tools are especially useful for free users of rapidshare and the likes, as they can reconnect your dsl connection automatically after each download to avoid waiting times and volume limits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anonymous of Oct. 13, 2009!

That was exactly what I was waiting for!

(... and, no, I'm a different Anon, not that one or any of the others so far.)

jason said...

Kirk! Thanks so much! And thank you everyone else who helped repost Volume 2. All these years watching Ren & Stimpy, I also loved the incidental music so much and I was so sad in my belief that I would never find out what those songs were.

Such a service, Kirk! You da man.


Dr. pig. Phantomscherz said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Especially Kirk! ...and the anonymous reupper :-)

pointblizzy said...

OmG..Thanks U guys...I've been looking for this music since I was a child. I thought that I would never be able to figure out what these songs were...Cheers to the Owner of this Blog..We all owe U one!

pointblizzy said...

BTW...Someone should add "Clair De Lune" to this album. One of the most beautiful songs featured on Rin and Stimpy:)This music is so great! especially Limelight Waltz!!

Andrew Sherman said...

Does anyone still know how to get these tracks? I can't seem to make the previous links work...

Lebostein said...

Look at my music list from the game toonstruck: http://home.arcor.de/lebostein/toonstruck.html

Many of this songs you can find in the ren & stimpy soundtrack also.

Orland Øye said...

Thanksssss Anonymous of Oct. 13, 2009!
thats what a fuckn great job by ur side, thnk u really!!!!!!
cheers from mexico and thnks again for let us in!

Unknown said...

Hey guys! Does anyone know where we could get the "Silent Night by David Snell" piece of production music? I can't seem to find it anywhere!

Anonymous said...

This list doesn't seem to be complete. I just ran across an old gem the other day -- immediate LSD-like Ren & Stimpy flashback:

"Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott

You'll recognize it from the moment it starts :)

Devlin Jamison said...

Thanks so much SFB and anon!

Anonymous said...

any sign of Ren & Stimpy Production music volumes 3 and possibly 4?

Have found impossibly slow torrents but direct links would be great if they exist.

Unknown said...

Where is volume 3?!?!

Anonymous said...

dude!!!!!!!!!! thanks. this is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Mexico
Anyone can share a link to download Production Music Vol. 2 third part, tracks 151 to 194?
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Please, somebody!!! I've been looking for this a long time ago! Can somebody reupload this great album? D:

Unknown said...

thank youuu

Unknown said...

Any idea where this can be downloaded from nowadays? I just discovered this and would love to grab it. I've been doing research into what's PD and what's not to create a list of songs that VTubers can use for that "retro" vibe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lots for these. You're atrue hero of the modern times.

Anonymous said...

Hi all of you in the comments. I worked with Marvin Glass in 1963 for a special Project including clothing designs for a doll, it was cancelled, so I left after 6months. I still have my Job Report from the time with MGA. The Office was located in an old hotel where I sat alone so nobody could see what i was doing. It was Very secret in all office rooms. It has been fun to read about my old employer and revived the time in Chicago
Kristina Thilen

Kirk D. said...

Thanks for the comment Kristina! That's amazing that you got to work with him. Sad it was cancelled though.
Thanks for sharing!