October 10, 2017

HALLOWEEN TAPE REVIEW #10: Halloween Sounds of Horror


Title: Halloween Sounds of Horror
Manufacturer: Viderex international LTD
Year: 1995
Total Runtime: 60 Min
Repeats on both sides: Maybe. I’m not sure. They sound really similar.
(Side 2 only plays out of the left speaker, at least on my copy)
Stories: No
Music: Scattered brief musical flourishes
Narration: No
Distinct Audio: Ba-dum, Ba-dum, Ba-dum, Ba-dum...
Review: Halloween Sounds of Horror was produced by Viderex International LTD, the same company that gave us security killbots, and a leaked zombie virus. Seriously, what a perfect name for a malevolent corporation in a horror movie. If I listen to this on Halloween night I expect my organs will turn into insects.

Your opinion of this record hinges on whether or not you’re up for listening to a solid hour’s worth of pounding heartbeats. This is the heartbeat album. It’s an annoying choice, but it makes sense. Heart rate is a great indicator of fear, and our silly, confused hearts can’t help but match the rhythm when we hear it— even if it’s fake. I once heard this very recording played outside of a haunted event and it did communicate a sense of dread, at least at first. (My favorite part of the tape is when a low, grinding note comes in under the heartbeat, and it sounds like your standing down the street of an industrial dance club.)

My other qualm is the monotony. Processed laughter, alarm bells and thunder are in constant rotation. Granted, I’m sure there are some very specific circumstances where this is useful. If your spookhouse has a small room with a laughing guy holding a haunted alarm clock, then this is the tape for you.

Rating: 3 of 5


Nostalgiakidd125 said...

Yup, this is the same tape as the "Updated" version of Horrible Sounds of Halloween that I was telling you about...now which came first? is the big question. Both tapes are identical in sound. Really interesting! Great review as always btw!

Nostalgiakidd125 said...

Also, again, the majourity of this cassette's sound effects are ripped from the "Halloween Horrors" LP as well. The Laughs, the Violin, the screams. That LP was sampled more than the amen break! (Well, maybe not THAT much lol)

Kirk D. said...

Thanks NK!
Yes I've encountered another version of this myself. Review to come!