December 03, 2011


Darling Pet Munkee is a "garage/surf rock supergroup" that's offering a free seven song EP based entirely on comic book mail-order ads.

From their press release...
"Sea-Monkeys, X-Ray Specs, and a necklace full of soil from Dracula’s castle are among the many bizarre items that were sold in comic-book ads of yore. Garage/surf rock supergroup Darling Pet Munkee aims to tell the tales of these lost items in song. For the next 6 months, the band will be releasing one song a month - with accompanying history - examining the bizarre knick-knacks sold via these misleading ads that promised fighting skills, wondrous creatures, and grand journeys."

The songs can be heard and freely downloaded here.
The stories and history behind each song can be found here.

It's great seeing others take creative inspiration from these beloved advertisements. It makes me feel like less of a freak.


Dex said...

Your not the only freak! When there's not some seasonal theme going on, I usually have Mail Order Monday over on my blog.

These guys are local for me, maybe I'll try to catch them sometime.

Chad Thorson said...

Hopefully they do "Count Dante- Deadliest Man Alive"!

Michael J. Epstein said...

Thanks so much!

Jody B. said...

I'm glad the Munkee likes lollipops.

Kirk D. said...

Dex1138- Yes I have enjoyed said Mondays on your blog, well done. Now I feel guilty for being comment-stingy.

Kirk D. said...

Atom Kid- We all share your hope.

Michael J. Epstein- Thank YOU for making such cool stuff!

Jody- now that you mention it, I think I am too.