November 09, 2011


The proud owner of this mail-away Ghost Rider mask shares with us this nifty photo of his super-rare collectible. This version of Ghost Rider originated with a comics publisher called Magazine Enterprises but after the trademark lapsed Marvel put out their own version of the character which was eventually named Phantom Rider.

Here's the comic book ad which looks to be from the 1950s...

The actual product is simple yet cool looking (aside from the unavoidable KKK comparison). Plus it possesses that perfect, ever-endearing quality— it glows in the dark.

Unfortunately, it seems that I'll be mentally singing Ghost Riders in the Sky for the next week or so.


Stefan Jones said...

Healthful Radium rays clears up your zits as you ride!

Lisha Yost said...

awesome. you have a fun blog here. I just stumbled upon it and I'm glad I did. I google-friended your blog and I subscribed. Perhaps you'd like to check out my blog and google-friend me and subscribe back :) Just showing "Blogger Love"! return the favor? Thanks!



Unknown said...

Wow Kirk - that is a super-cool collectible! I ordered your book last week and it should be here today. Can't wait to go through it! Check out my blog in the next few days for my review.

Kirk D. said...

Stefan- That reminds me of my radium deficiency.

Dano- Thanks for ordering the book! Check out your blog I will.