October 24, 2010


There's an old post of mine that's maintained a steady trickle of traffic since I wrote it back in July of 2006. It's the one where I shared Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism, a mail order record from 1964.

My original upload lacked the script that came with the record. The missing document covered a conversation between you, the aspiring ventriloquist, and Farfel the dog. Thanks to the generosity of Dan Rodden this exchange is no longer a mystery. Additionally, he passed along some tracks with improved audio quality.

So you can visit the updated post or
download the album with the script here or
get the script by itself here

and you'll be on your way to a satisfying dialog with a prerecorded dog puppet!

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Jody B. said...

My cousin had this record and I coveted it in my youth! You see, I was an aspiring ventriloquist myself. I ordered the "ventril-o-aid" (a popsicle stick with holes drilled into it) and an Edgar Bergen Ventriloquism book from the J-S catalog. I'm certain if I would have had this record, my ventriloquism ambitions would have come to fruition. Thanks for sharing this!! I may dust off my Charlie McCarthy and quit my day job!