July 09, 2010


Speculating on the future of digital media usually gets me pretty excited, but recently I've been struck by some of the downsides to a world without CDs, DVDs and books. I explore these in my latest article for Monkey Goggles which you can read here. Use your iPad if you wish.


Graham said...

Our generation will have to die off before physical media can really go the way of the dodo. There are too many of my kind out there, the anal retentive collector that has to be able to hold something in his hand to truly own it. I get no rush from downloading an mp3. I've got to own those Twilight Zone DVD's or watching them is not fulfilling. Technology is great, but a CD will still always beat an mp3 the same way vinyl will always beat a CD.

Matthew Guest said...

My first youthful pang of nostalgia was for videogame arcades. Now almost all the consumer destinations of my youth are defunct! What pulls kids out of the house, more wholesome pursuits like church, sports, or charity work?

Kirk D. said...

Graham- True, there will always be some market demand as long as us old-timers are alive. I imagine in about 20 years kids will refer to stores that sell media as an old folks shop.

Matthew- it's funny that the existing arcades have inferior graphics to home consoles and yet people will still pay to play them. Proves that being out and about with your buds is a unique experiment that can't be replaced with an xbox.