December 30, 2007


I recently had the pleasure of hosting Dan Goodsell's Mister Toast on his continuing tour of all fifty United States. We had a wonderful time showing him around. I consider myself especially lucky that he showed up just in time for Christmas. Naturally, he made our holiday even toastier. Visit Dan's blog to see the full set of photos taken on our adventure in ArkansasLand.

Mister Toast on the night before Christmas, 2007


Anonymous said...

Your house is amazing. Swanky accomodations indeed!

Dane said...

That's a gorgeous tree.

Aaron said...

I agree with Andrew and Dane & will make a request - let's see a complete photo tour of the secret fun house! please please please!

Kirk D. said...

Thanks a lot folks!

iamchief, if I show pics of the whole place then I'll potentially ruin hundreds of future blog posts :)

Aaron said...

That's Kirk for ya... always looking out for himself! :o)

It's just an ongoing quest at our home to try to decorate retro without it looking like a lot of old junk lying around everywhere, plus - we gots kids - four of 'em. That presents a few limitations.

My dear wife is fine with my need for nostalgia, her only request (as we're decorating our new home)is, "I just want it to look a bit more sophisticated."

Help me, Dr. Phil.

Sue said...

Please Kirk, dole the photos out one at a time then! Your house looks fabulous and we want to see it.