March 21, 2007


Hey prank and magic fans! I finally put together a web version of the ol' S.S. Adams catalog I started way back in the day. It's pretty standard stuff except that this is the first time in the company's hundred year history that Adams has utilized actual photographs of their products. Don't worry, I included all the historic artist's renderings as well. Feel free to have a look.

And please don't overlook the very latest in gagery, the new instant classic, Gross Soap...


Steven Finch, Attorney At Law said...

You know what's funny; I was JUST on their web site yesterday for some reason, browsing through their OLD catalogue.

I've gotta say, this one's a thousand times better.

MrBaliHai said...

Great stuff as always, Kirk.

On a related note, here's a link to a vintage catalog for the Heaney Magic Company I posted last year.

Rhea said...

I grew up on this! I used to do a lot of magic as a kid (in the 1960s) and I loved products from this company. I had several catalogs, including a gigantic one from a New York magic company and a Florida one, I think. I loved the illustrations in these things. You have a fine eye!

Flamen Dialis said...

I believe I have some of that soap in my bathroom right now.

Todd Franklin said...

Nice job Kirk! I actually pranked my 4th grade teacher with those rubber chocolates. She fell for it and then she marched me to the principle’s office.

Luckily, she wanted me to prank the principle too! So my 4th grade teacher and I fooled the principle!

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool!

Is there a cover to the catalog or does it really start with page one of products as the cover?

Brian O.

Kirk D. said...

Steven- this proves my point that in the realm of pranks and magic there are no coincidences! Actually I think that's pretty cool. And thanks very much.

Mr. Balihai- Hey, thanks for the link! And for the link to the beautiful catalog. So many skull related tricks.. mysterious skull, wondrous skull. I'd love to see/do a show of all skull magic!

Rhea- you've got a fun blog, btw. It's amazing how many folks got their start with Adams stuff. Even my arch enemy David Copperfield got his start with them.

Flamen- I'm starting to feel queasy.

Todd- How cool that you got to sock it to your crusty old principal. I hope he tried to eat the one that was already in your teacher's mouth.

Brian- Indeed it does have a different cover, but it only comes on the printed version. I'd show it here, but I'm saving it for an upcoming post. Glad you like it!

Max the drunken severed head said...

I used to haunt a novelty shop in Memphis and loved getting stuff there. The old guy who owned the place sold a lot of costume pieces to kids. Tiaras were popular with girls although the owner always called 'em "tararas".

Thanks for sharing the Adams catalog.