September 13, 2006


(click for super-giant enlargement)

Pictured above is an abundance of S.S. Adams prank and magic goodness that I recently received in the mail. It certainly looks like a lot of fun, but it actually means a lot of work for me because it's the makings of a new retailer catalog that I'm about to put together for Adams. Fortunately, thanks to my passion for pranks, the task won't feel as work-ish as it really is.

This is a photo that I wish I could show to the 10-year-old version of myself and say "Someday you'll get to mess around with all this fun stuff.. and get paid for it!" You may be wondering if I get to keep the samples when I'm done with the project. Well, I already have most of this stuff in my personal collection, but I have been known to include various merchandise as part of my fee. One of these days I'll share the story behind how I was blessed with the Adams gig, but right now I've got a catalog to make.

(Oh, and if you're ever in the market for S.S. Adams novelties I recommend F.L. Jerry's online shop for a wide selection of Adams products.)


Anonymous said...


It brings a smile to my face to envision you getting to put together this new catalog! Reading the Adams' history book (and your cool site) it is clear that you have a deep love and appreciation of buzzers, fake do-do, and the like. It's always a treat to hear of people working on projects that are just so perfect. Carry on and thanks for sharing.


chuckbaris said...

kirk, since I know you have most of those things, how about just shipping them my way. AZ is need of some good adams pranks.

k2nsf said...

Best. Job. Ever.

So jeal, and so excited to see the final product.

Best wishes and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Its kind of hard to believe that people still buy this stuff!

Anonymous said...

This is terrific! I will definitely check out F.L. Jerry's online shop for Christmas and birthday gifts! Might even get some cool, fun stuff for me!

-WL Blakeshaw

Kirk D. said...

Thanks James for the very nice comment. I am indeed blessed to be able do what I love.

Chuck, if I were to send these items to a state, I would most certainly choose a place like Utah or the Dakotas. They are the most prank-deprived spots in the nation.

k2nsf- thanks! I'll make sure to post the electronic version when I'm done.

anonymous- yes, the suckers just keep being born ;)

WL Blakeshaw- happy prank shopping! Frank (of F.L.) is definitely an Adamsphile who's in it 'for the love' so I'm always happy to send business his way.