November 21, 2006


UPDATE: The links got yanked, but check the comments for help.

From the moment I experienced my very first brilliantly stupendous episode of the Ren & Stimpy show my brain has ruminated on how to get my hands on that wonderful vintage "incidental music" that sets the tone for their zany, wacky, madcap antics. Eventually the internet taught me that the music of Ren & Stimpy comes from all over the place. Some was written for the show, some are well known classical pieces, and there are quite a few works by Raymond Scott. For me, the most elusive stuff has always been the authentic "production music" from the 1950s.

A couple months ago I discovered that some dear soul (or souls) had assembled a massive collection of these aural delights, and made them available on a torrent site.
(EDIT: A demonoid user named admiraltennek has stepped forward as the original ripper/uploader.) It was as though the Gilded Yak had answered all of my letters at once! And you guessed it, I'm making this marvelous collection of classics available to you, the valued internet user.

Put simply, these melodies have enriched my life. Play them on your drive to work and you're the star of an instructional traffic safety film, turn it on during dinner and mealtime becomes 80% happier (but be careful.. play the wrong track and you could wind up with a touch of Space Madness). Best of all you can listen and imagine that you live in the world of Ren and Stimpy where the walrus-napping horse is your next door neighbor, where the toy stores are stocked with Log from Blammo, and a visit from Powdered Toast Man is just a complaint away!

Since this stuff is already available 'out there' I decided to add some extra value before I handed it off to you folks, and therefore I did the following..
-Designed an "album cover" for the collection (as seen above)
(Bill Wray illustration swiped from his web site.)
-Hunted down and tagged the name of every artist for every stinkin' track
-Added a couple tracks that I had that weren't included in the bundle
-Created a track listing based on musical styles. It kicks off with some general '50s domestic lollygagging tunes and then it gets more downtown hustle and bustle-ish. After that it goes spooky, glamorous, romantic, and finally dramatic.

It is my pleasure to present you with the unofficial Ren & Stimpy Production Music collection. Be happy happy and enjoy joy joy it!

109 Total tracks (MP3, 192 kbps)

UPDATE: the You Eediot! album is available HERE.
UPDATE: Volume 2 is available HERE.

Production Music


John Rozum said...

Wow! Thanks! I can't wait to get home now, so I can download that.

vantazy said...

All the blessings of the cosmos to you sir for this kind and generous act.

Is this stuff royalty-free?

Anonymous said...

The album cover is absolutely beautiful!

Bryn said...

You're a legend.

Anonymous said...

This album will become legendary (and you with it).


Jamey Clayberg said...

oh snap

Alice H said...

You rock!

Unknown said...

i got the 1st batch overnight. this is gonna be a present for my gf. i've been listening to it and enjoying it. it's weird how many of them i've heard before. it has to be from loony tunes. i never watched ren and stimpy

how is this fair use?

willy nilly has a glitch at 2:17

thank you!

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks to your blood, sweat and blurry eyes I'm now enjoying my new favorite cd! May you have a happy Yak Shaving Day!!!

Kirk D. said...

levhita- yes, yes a legend. That's good.

herva and alice- right back atcha!

I hope your girlfriend likes it. Yeah this stuff has been used all over the place. No telling where you've heard it. I don't know if this is fair use or what. They've pondered the legality of these tracks here...

Yeah, the glitch on 'Wily Nilly' was there when I found it. It's the only one that I've found.

awesome Todd! I'd like to think there's a little of my blood in each download.

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Todd Franklin said...

Just like KISS when they put out the Marvel KISS comic!

Unknown said...

i simply cut out the offending measure of willy nilly. the piece still makes sense. my gf will never know

Anonymous said...

I tried to send John K a link to this site, but you can't post messages on his blog if you don't have a Blogger account and I don't really feel the urge to get one. If you do have one, please show him your love at

Kranzky said...

Excellent! By chance I had been craving Ren & Stimpy music for some time now, scouring old Spumco fan forums for details. I don't know what possessed me to search again today - Thank you so much for sharing this!

But... there's one song I prized hearing in full above all others that doesn't appear in the compilation. It's one that interestingly seems to have been partly borrowed from for the chase scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (song English Beat - Propellor Heads).

It's played in a few episodes, for instance at the 2:30 mark in R&S 'Man's Best Friend' here:
and (to my ears) a suspiciously similar melody used at about the 1:20 mark in Ferris here:

It's something that's been driving me (space) mad for a few years now, if anybody has an idea what the Ren & Stimpy song is, I'd be eternally, eternally grateful!

Unknown said...

so, i click over to your blog and my gf looks over at the screen. "ren and stimpy! we need the happy happy joy joy song". i found it in real audio. i'll clean it up in tracktion later. i purchased the theme song on itunes. those will be the 1st 2 songs on the cd.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so so much!!

Jason said...

Thank you so much. I have wanted this music for YEARS. This is seriously a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, this post has broadened your blogosphere tenfold. I can't tell you how many links to your entry I've seen on other blogs. Huzzah to the shopkeep!

By they way, have you heard about Bell's Amusement park losing its lease with the city? It has 120 days to vacate the premises, concrete slabs & all. Sad. I hope they relocate, instead of merely disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Really a fantastic collection! I love "needle drop" music, as they used to call buyout background stuff, and have used it in a lot of my own compositions, which are a cross between little radio plays and comedy sketches, using sound effects and ambient tracks. Anyone interested can investigate at

Kirk, your stuff is great! Thanks so much for your efforts.

John Tenney

Kirk D. said...

I'm thrilled to see that so many of you are enjoying this stuff! You're all more than welcome.

todd- exactly!

tougi- hey, thanks for trying, that's a good idea and I'll consider doing so.

paul- I know the song you speak of. (I actually have the English Beat version if you ever happen to want that.) I'll keep my eyes and ears open for it otherwise. I have a feeling I'll be updating this collection at some point since I know this batch isn't all inclusive.

gentle- I noticed that the 'you eediot' album seems to be out of print so I've been on the lookout for it. I used to own it but I used it in several skits and ended up leaving the CD at a Young Life building years ago.

jason- I know the feeling, I'm surprised it's taken this long to surface.

travis- Thanks! Yeah, it's great only it's all downhill from here. There's nothing else I could possibly post that would serve the world better than this music. :)

I did hear about Bell's. Sad indeed. It's the end of an era. I certainly hope they relocate and I REALLY hope they recreate the Phantasmagoria.

John- Thanks, I'll check out your stuff.
Funny, I was just on my way to that site to check out music from 'fun blog' regular Gentle Dissident

Anonymous said...

Wow! Long time lurker, first time commentor! I have loved all of the stuff you have posted, but this compilation takes the cake! Outstanding! Being a relative newbie to library music, the Ren and Stimpy stuff is a fantastic overview and fun to listen to, to boot.On a semi-related note, do you know of anyone who has collected the library music/score from "night of the living dead"?

Unknown said...

don't miss John Tenney's Vocalizer Players

Kranzky said...

Hmm, thought I'd commented back before. Thanks for sayig you had a copy of the English Beat song, Kirk, although I grabbed a copy too. Well, thaniks again!

chuckbaris said...

Jeebus man! this is your most popular post ever. And well deserved. Many thanks for the hard work you put into making other people happy.

Ben Posch said...

amazing! you sir, are a man among dogs! this wonderful collection of all the music i have never been able to get my hands on, this gem, this jewel, this creamy-centered, oh-so nutty chocolate-covered ice cream bar. it's mine! you cant take it from me! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

This is the music that play in a scene in rubber nipple salesmen. You can add that to the collection. It contains a small audio clip from Night of the Living Dead but it can be easily edited out. I don't know the real name of the song but the artist appears to be Spencer Moore. I hope that was helpful to you.

Kirk D. said...

Bruce- I was positive that I had seen the Night of the Living Dead OST online about two weeks ago, but an hours worth of searching turned up nothing. I'd really like to hear it now.
Thanks also for your encouraging words!

Paul- you bet! (sometimes my comments don't seem to "take" either. I always assume it's the word verification thingy)

Chuck- you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

bl8tant- we're not hitchhiking anymore... we're riding!

thanks iceman, I instantly recognized that. Good find. I'll put it on version 2.0 or album 2 or whatever develops.
That makes me want to hear the rest of the 'living dead' stuff even more.

Kirk D. said...

Oh wow, I just realized the whole Living Dead OST is available right here...
There you go Bruce! Thanks for the clue Iceman

infinite b said...

i downloaded this some time last week but i never made a comment. However, i would like to thank you for taking probably an awful lot of time to compile this. It's wonderful to listen to. It is the perfect christmas present too. You are the coolest.

FixedFoto said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU! I really love this stuff! Please keep on posting more and tell me if you want You Eediot!, I have it:)

Kirk D. said...

emergency stopping- thanks! I'm glad it's made it a merrier Christmas season for you.

cupanudels- You can bet I'll post more as I find more.
And YES by all means, please upload You EEdiot someplace and let us know where it is. (192 kbps if possible!) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, joy!!!
Just discovered this fantastic post. I won't repeat what all others already said, but this is really one of the bestest;) music posts I've seen for a very long time. So many thanks for this amazing piece of work! :)

I love the idea of finishing this project and I'm sure that every R&S maniac will be happy to help you with that! (I do!)

If you like I could upload the "You eediot!" album, but it's "only" 160 kbits. Just let me know. :)

Herr Anonymous

Kirk D. said...

Herr- Oh, yes, please do upload 'You Eediot' and I'll post about it.
(And you're more than welcome!)

Anonymous said...

Here you go,

By the way, I've got also a few songs by Raymond Scott which were played on the show. If it would be helpful to complete...

Herr Anonymous

Kirk D. said...

Thanks Herr! Done and done. (I messed with the tags so I reupped it) I've got Raymond Scott, but I don't want to post it as long as it's still for sale. Thanks again. Lots of folks will be very happy because of you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pain, but it doesn't work for me! Can I ask for copies of the CDs? I'll pay for postage and everything gladly! Right now I'll just have another go at downloading.

Anonymous said...

Oh - it's worked now! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! This has really brightened up my day! I'm off to get some blank CDs and on the way I can prance around with these tunes being fed into my ears via my MP3 player! Happy, happy, joy, joy INDEED!

Kirk D. said...

Glad you got it working andrew, and gladder that you enjoy it so much! It's my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on this, and I'm so glad - this is brilliant stuff, and your hard work is definitely appreciated around our house. Thanks!

napsmear said...

Very Cool....I love this type of stuff

Anonymous said...

Love you! <3 I've been looking for some classical cartoon music, and Ren and Stimpy always comes to mind. XD

Anonymous said...

Really, thanks, you've no idea how long I've been searching for these tunes. I couldn't get them from APM's site because I'm not an American company. Thanks again, and I will check back to see if you get any more tunes! This is proper music.

Daniel said...

Yes! Yessss! I've been desperately searching for these! Thank you so much!

Kirk D. said...

to the two anonymouses and napsmear and andrew and daniel.. you're all very welcome. I know I felt the same way when I discovered it too.
I shan't tire of these happy reunions between the fans and the music!

Kirk D. said...

Hi rob- Unfortunatley, I'm not set up to generate an m3U file, so I think the best I can do is this...
Although I imagine it would probably be quicker to just redownload them all than to re-tag.
Let me know if there's an easier way that you know of. (I'm using itunes6 on a PC)

Chris said...

Oh man, you're freakin amazing! I've been searching for these tunes for years now, especially Ralph Dollimore's Hit and Run and Fredric Bayco's Inferno. It was so frustrating trying to search for them since I didn't even know the names of the songs. And here you've even included that information too. You're a god send. I was about to ask John K on his blog for more info about the songs but you've got it all right here. I can't thank you enough, awesome work!

Chris said...

Oh yeah, and that cover's kick-ass.

Kirk D. said...

In the words of the band Survivor..."the search is over."

Yeah, there's something great about those two particualar tracks you mentioned. Soooo purely Ren and Stimpyish.

It's great that you're enjoying this stuff so much.

Anonymous said...

The track 'Finger of Fear' will always be 'the Count Duckula intro/outro' theme for me!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so very much. I have been trying to find this stuff for years!
My personal favourite is Work A Day World!
From my childhood, the music is one of the most recognised things of R & S for me and now I have it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work :)

There is 1 track that is missing though!

I downloaded the 3 zips and it isn't there. It's that dark music that plays when Ren tries to kill Stimpy but something happens to his brain in "Stimpy's Fan Club." It's also in "Superstitious Stimpy" when Stimpy does a ritual with the meat carcass and Ren gets mega angry. I heard it's called satanic on the APM website but it's not there either...

Kirk D. said...

andrew- I didn't know that about the Count Dukula. cool.

chris- I'm glad you're finally getting to enjoy these.

anonymous- That's one of many missing tracks.
These are just songs I happended to stumple upon. Just recently a ton more have been identified, and there's enough remaining for a massive second volume. We'll see what happens.

X Esquire said...

You are my hero... Thank you SO much for this. Brilliant effort is an understatement...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk, thanks for your reply. I was just wondering if you actally had that track yet and what it's called? (the dark chanting one in Stimy's Fan Club and Superstitious Stimpy). If I only knew the name of it!

Kirk D. said...

paul f.- I'm glad to finally be someone's hero.

anonymous- oh, sorry. I don't know that one. The Spumboard may be able to help you identify it...

Anonymous said...

Only problem I have with these is cutting and editing them in a video editing timeline. They go all to pot then!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a lot of Duckula episodes begin and end with the narrator cackling over that music!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I've been trying to find "Happy Go Lucky" ever since it first appeared in Ren and Stimpy. I never knew the name of it, so I had no idea how to find it. Bless you, bless you.

Anonymous said...

One more thing... Rapidshare only seems to allow one free download. Is there any other way to get the rest of your archive? The Sendspace link only allows free uploading, but not free downloading. Am I missing something?

Kirk D. said...

Hey Anonymous,
Glad you finally found it!
The sendspace also allows free downloading. At the bottom of the page there's a little red arrow pointing at the download link. Click on it and you can snag the whole thing at once. I just took a look and it seems to be good to go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kirk!

walkingfool said...

WHOA! Amazing find and incredible work. The cover is great. Love the "record impression." And adding all the artists' names must had been incredibly, tediously difficult -- but obviously a labor of love.


VonCheech said...

Thanks Kirk. Great work on this CD you put together.
I love the cover and now having the artist's names.
i first read about it here...

then i found two volumes on a torrent.
a lot of additional background cues.

i can dig it up and share it if you want.
maybe you can help me with a cover and artist names. i will look for them.

VonCheech said...

Vol: 1 : (112 tracks)

Track Listing:

Acts of Heroism (a).mp3 3.24 MB
Acts of Heroism (c).mp3 1.20 MB
Big Show Theme.mp3 4.55 MB
Bits and Pieces.mp3 2.17 MB
Blaze of Brass.mp3 2.02 MB
Blood in the Gutter.mp3 4.77 MB
Blues in a Hurry.mp3 5.24 MB
Busy Bachelor.mp3 7.50 MB
Carnival of the Animals Fossils.mp3 3.04 MB
Clair De Lune.mp3 9.37 MB
Clarion Call.mp3 263.64 KB
Crepe Suzette.mp3 6.89 MB
Curtain Raiser.mp3 6.41 MB
Domestic Fun (a).mp3 1.33 MB
Domestic Fun (b).mp3 512.07 KB
Domestic Fun (c).mp3 363.95 KB
Drama Link (a).mp3 392.07 KB
Drama Link (b).mp3 374.26 KB
Drama Link (c).mp3 368.64 KB
Drama Link (d).mp3 397.70 KB
Drama Link (e).mp3 419.26 KB
Drama Link (f).mp3 318.01 KB
Drama Link (g).mp3 329.26 KB
Drama Link (h).mp3 345.20 KB
Drama Link (i).mp3 310.51 KB
Drama Link (j).mp3 453.01 KB
Drama Link (k).mp3 462.39 KB
Drama Link (l).mp3 457.70 KB
Drama Link (m).mp3 539.26 KB
Drama Link (n).mp3 413.64 KB
Drama Link (o).mp3 539.26 KB
Dramatic Cue (a).mp3 277.70 KB
Dramatic Cue (b).mp3 428.64 KB
Dramatic Cue (c).mp3 461.45 KB
Dramatic Cue (d).mp3 567.39 KB
Dramatic Cue (e).mp3 632.07 KB
Dramatic Cue (f).mp3 849.57 KB
Dramatic Cue (g).mp3 1.02 MB
Dramatic Cue (h).mp3 1.15 MB
Dramatic Impact #1.mp3 263.64 KB
Dramatic Impact #2.mp3 260.82 KB
Dramatic Impact #3.mp3 209.26 KB
Dramatic Impact #4.mp3 261.76 KB
Dramatic Impact #5.mp3 281.45 KB
Dramatic Impact #6.mp3 258.01 KB
Finger of Fear.mp3 5.81 MB
Fly by Night.mp3 5.48 MB
Folli the Foal.mp3 3.75 MB
For Those in Peril.mp3 6.74 MB
Fully Fashioned.mp3 3.72 MB
Gala Premiere.mp3 6.47 MB
Gay Activity.mp3 4.08 MB
Graveyard.mp3 3.72 MB
Happy Families.mp3 2.76 MB
Happy Holiday.mp3 3.18 MB
Happy-Go-Lively.mp3 4.49 MB
Heavy Affliction.mp3 3.04 MB
Hit and Run.mp3 2.77 MB
Hollywood Holiday.mp3 3.89 MB
Inferno.mp3 5.42 MB
It's That Man Again.mp3 4.68 MB
L'Esprit de Paris.mp3 2.30 MB
Lambs in Clover.mp3 6.56 MB
Like Strange.mp3 1.52 MB
Linked Romantic Movements.mp3 5.87 MB
Main Street.mp3 4.21 MB
Man About Town.mp3 5.15 MB
Maniac Pursuit.mp3 6.29 MB
March of the Astronauts.mp3 6.41 MB
Merry as a Grig.mp3 5.65 MB
Metropolis.mp3 5.61 MB
Mists of Illusion.mp3 2.95 MB
Model Girl.mp3 6.89 MB
Our Mr. Meredith.mp3 7.21 MB
Passing the Time.mp3 3.94 MB
Pathe News Fanfare.mp3 603.95 KB
Pizzicato Playtime.mp3 4.08 MB
Placa Omondia.mp3 6.37 MB
Playbill.mp3 2.40 MB
Poetic Love Theme #2.mp3 3.57 MB
Poetic Love Theme #3.mp3 1.23 MB
Poetic Love Theme.mp3 3.35 MB
Police Car Chase.mp3 5.15 MB
Pomp and Ceremony.mp3 3.58 MB
Rescue.mp3 3.10 MB
Savage Episode.mp3 2.90 MB
Saw Theme.mp3 1.69 MB
Screw on the Loose.mp3 2.34 MB
Shopping Street.mp3 2.68 MB
Slick in the City.mp3 2.34 MB
Smouldering Fury.mp3 1.76 MB
Softly She Sleeps.mp3 5.69 MB
Spindlelegs.mp3 5.68 MB
Spooky Scherzo.mp3 3.81 MB
Starlight Revue.mp3 6.43 MB
Stealth by Night.mp3 2.69 MB
Stop Gap.mp3 5.29 MB
Terror by Night.mp3 2.56 MB
The Bachelor Life.mp3 2.14 MB
The Hurry Up.mp3 2.73 MB

VonCheech said...

Vol. 2 : (195 tracks)

Track Listing:

A Furtive Affair 59.mp3 2.26 MB
A Hat, A Cane.mp3 6.64 MB
Air Raid.mp3 1.94 MB
Alouette.mp3 1.69 MB
Animal Fair.mp3 2.17 MB
Anitra's Dance.mp3 4.62 MB
Ankarar Streets.mp3 3.44 MB
Appearing Live (a).mp3 6.18 MB
Barber of Seville Overture.mp3 9.05 MB
Bassoon Link (b).mp3 133.32 KB
Be Cool.mp3 2.89 MB
Big Bad Giant.mp3 2.98 MB
Bitter Aftermath.mp3 11.58 MB
Bliss.mp3 5.31 MB
Blood and Sand.mp3 5.80 MB
Blue Dobro (a).mp3 2.33 MB
Blue Harmonica.mp3 4.82 MB
Bonnie Dundee.mp3 1.44 MB
Boys and Girls.mp3 2.12 MB
Brave Jack.mp3 3.04 MB
Bring On The Girls.mp3 2.40 MB
Brutal B.mp3 1.56 MB
Busy Life.mp3 3.36 MB
Carmen Suite - Habanera.mp3 4.57 MB
Casbah Nights.mp3 4.91 MB
Catfish Row.mp3 3.54 MB
Charlie's Polka.mp3 4.14 MB
Chicago Stomp.mp3 7.00 MB
Clog Dance.mp3 1.11 MB
Comic Ending (f).mp3 333.01 KB
Comic Ending (h).mp3 158.64 KB
Comic Song.mp3 4.86 MB
Comic Tension (c).mp3 417.39 KB
Creole Clarinet.mp3 3.26 MB
Cue the Action (a).mp3 7.99 MB
Cue the Action (b).mp3 280.51 KB
Custard Cakewalk.mp3 3.90 MB
Dames and Daggers (a).mp3 9.29 MB
Dance of the Reed Flutes.mp3 4.47 MB
Dancing Balkans.mp3 3.19 MB
Dingle's Regatta.mp3 3.58 MB
Dirty Work at the Crossroads.mp3 4.25 MB
Disaster.mp3 3.45 MB
Drama Shock (g).mp3 203.64 KB
Drinking Song.mp3 1.41 MB
Drug Addiction.mp3 6.19 MB
Emergency Ward 10.mp3 6.85 MB
Emotion 1.mp3 4.92 MB
Exciting Percussion.mp3 668.64 KB
Fairground Organ.mp3 3.55 MB
Fashion on Parade.mp3 2.89 MB
Final Triumph.mp3 1.33 MB
Finders Creepers.mp3 2.56 MB
First Night.mp3 5.93 MB
Flowers of the Thorn.mp3 3.27 MB
Flute Link (d).mp3 189.57 KB
Flying Saucer.mp3 4.43 MB
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow.mp3 1.39 MB
Forewarning.mp3 5.00 MB
Fun Chase.mp3 3.23 MB
Funeral Music.mp3 4.35 MB
Funny Little Man.mp3 3.48 MB
Games Played in the Dark.mp3 2.69 MB
Gay Time.mp3 4.71 MB
Going Cuckoo (a).mp3 1.18 MB
Going Cuckoo (b).mp3 2.31 MB
Golden Oldies.mp3 2.27 MB
Gramercy Swing.mp3 6.28 MB
Haferlgucker.mp3 6.18 MB
Happy Feet.mp3 5.30 MB
Happy Hippo.mp3 4.25 MB
Here and There.mp3 5.97 MB
Heroic Sentiment.mp3 3.42 MB
Hey, Hot Lips (d).mp3 436.14 KB
Holiday Fun.mp3 3.40 MB
Hollywood Epic.mp3 7.35 MB
Hot Club 30.mp3 6.01 MB
Hot Liquorice (a).mp3 6.42 MB
I Must Leave Town.mp3 2.34 MB
Investiture.mp3 6.43 MB
Jackson's Morning Brush.mp3 4.40 MB
Jerry Cotton.mp3 5.62 MB
Jive at Five.mp3 5.46 MB
Keeping Busy.mp3 5.24 MB
King's Coronation.mp3 3.52 MB
Kiss of Fire (a).mp3 5.02 MB
Knight Errant.mp3 5.33 MB
Kommissar Maigret.mp3 7.31 MB
Left Foot Forward.mp3 5.79 MB
Let's Dance Susanna.mp3 4.28 MB
Life or Death.mp3 2.73 MB
Limelight Waltz.mp3 6.09 MB
Londonderry Twostep.mp3 2.37 MB
Luck 'O The Irish.mp3 2.32 MB
Lumbering Giant.mp3 1.60 MB
Lute Air.mp3 2.32 MB
Magical Effect (a).mp3 379.89 KB
Magical Effect (c).mp3 193.32 KB
Magical Effect (d).mp3 313.32 KB
Magical Effect (e).mp3 406.14 KB

VonCheech said...

also, read all about it....

Kirk D. said...

voncheech- I've heard about that other set of music but have failed to locate it so I/we would definitely love it if you upped it some place. Would be fun to make a cover for it as well.

(thanks for the article too)


Anonymous said...

one more happy listener - I LOVE YOU! (tnx :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the Production Music D/L!! I can't hear those songs without expecting the voices! "Steempy!"
Good job on this!

VonCheech said...

found part 2 again finally....
i will upload it now....

are you still down to help with a cover ?

and possibly we could all figure out artists names...

you ready ?

VonCheech said...
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VonCheech said...
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VonCheech said...
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VonCheech said...
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janepeepshow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C. Randall Waters said...

Is the instrumental version of log on either of the volumes? If not you know where i can get that from?

Kirk D. said...

thanks janepeepshow- by now I hope you've had many enjoyable hours with the music.

c. randall waters-
I'm afraid I can't help you on an instrumental version of Log. If you find one, please let me know.

Jigsaw said...

I just wanted to say thank you. Well, really, I'd say it a few thousand times, but that'd get a bit tedious. Let it suffice to say that upon hearing some of these tracks, I was breathless with relief, like some giant splinter had been pulled out of my soul after a few decades of waiting. To finally have access to this music, to finally be able to bow down before the original composers (seriously, Laurie Johnson is a genius)… well, it's probably the best thing the internet has ever done for me.

And that's all because you put it here for me to find. So THANK you. I owe you many, many chocolate things.

Kirk D. said...

Boy, you're so welcome! And thank you for one of the most nicely articulated comments of all. I can completely relate to the splinter analogy.

DmRofAtoZ said...

Wonderous work here Secret Fun Guy !, but I'm inconsolable that out of 300 + items, the one I most hoped for is missing ! The music from "Svën Höek" that plays behind "I'm gonna rip your arms out . . that's what I'M gonna do . . . you scarey us". You know ? Slow & spooky w/ feedback.
I guess it slipped between the production sources, huh ?
Still . . . thanks for all the artist tagging and such, great work !

VonCheech said...

maybe it will be on volume three,,,, :)

thefunkid said...

This is a great post. I can't to hear about more. The one I am looking for is the Fast Banjo theme from various times in the show. Most notably in The Littlest Giant when Stimpy is crying into the well, and Ren & The Cow notice the water and the cows run to it. That Fast Banjo music is great.

Anonymous said...

In the episode 'Insomniac Ren' what is the name of the eerie music that plays while Ren is in bed with Stimpy saying he must be too clever to sleep. He looks at Stimpy "Look at him, so peacful".
Just before we see Stimpy dreaming (his stupid little dreams).

Kirk D. said...

funkid and anonymous- I don't know those off the top of my head. I recommend checking these two sites...
The spumboard...
and the Speedy Boris blog...

good luck!

Unknown said...

Unbelievable. I googled ren & stimpy production music --and got EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!! I love you Kirk and all your stinky efforts!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was exactly what I needed! Kudos and much appreciation!!

Anonymous said...

Kirk, awhile back you posted:

"There's nothing else I could possibly post that would serve the world better than this music."

As much as I love this music and am grateful to finally have it ... you made FLIP! That, my friend, served the world in a great, big, wonderful way. :)

Have a terrific 2009!

Kirk D. said...

So glad to see that this collection continues to provide to the world's collective pleasure.

Ha! and thank you for saying so Mr. or Ms. Flip fan!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Though I could not seem to find the intro music to Space Madness in any of the collections. Any ideas of where to find it? Or did I just miss it? The music I'm talking about is at 02:24 here:

Kirk D. said...

x- that music is called...
New World Symphony- 1st Movement - Antonín Dvořák
And you're right, it's not on either of these collections, but you can probably find the piece where other classical music is available.

Anonymous said...

I dl'd the whole thing, and couldnt find the song I was looking for. It's in two episodes I know. In the Canadian Kilted Yaksman episode, where Ren and Stimpy are riding through the elements before the actual yaksman song, also in the Powdered Toastman episode right after he looks in the window of that shed and says "Danger!". That song is awesome...I guess it's an actual excerpt from a classical piece or something. If you or anyone has any info on it, lemme know. I can be reached on my myspace page. Thanks!

Kirk D. said...

anonymous- I don't know that one, but you might find the answer on one of these sites...

The spumboard...
or the Speedy Boris blog...

good luck.

Joe.Rocks. said...

You have no idea how awesome you are. Seriously. I think...since i was twelve, i've been hoping to have these in some capacity to play back at my own leisure.

Wow. This is the best thing i've found on the internet in the past two years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you your cooler then John K!!

Anonymous said...

You absolutely rock! I had been looking for this one track literally for YEARS (turns out to be "Happy Go Lively"). Not only did I find it in your collection, I found 5 others I was also looking for. Right here in the one place!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! You're my most favorite person I have never met.

Anonymous said...

Every single phrase I was going to type in an effort to thank you has already been typed in the last 2 years and 3 months since your original posting. Still, it is fair to say that they ALL apply. This collection has made me incredibly happy.

May the Lama bless you with total conciousness. You are the man.

Mike W

Boxtop5000 said...

Just want to let you know that the three RapidShare download links no longer work. Apparently they decided to remove the files under the suspicion that they were illegal content.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kirk :) really appreciate your effort to make downloading available to us. Kudos for that!

Actually, my initial search for just the Thieving Magpie piece ( turned to searching all the nice overtures, heh.

Kirk D. said...

Thanks for the heads up boxtop, and thanks for the gratitude Joe, Mike, Jeff, Dan, RS fan and Teddy!

Anonymous said...

All links are down, all links are down!

Mind if someone makes a torrent (non-private) of both volumes?

Kirk D. said...

Anonymous- torrents are already out there, that's where I found the first one. But if you want to make another then go for it.

Frank said...

I've been trying to download the second volume for weeks now, but the torrent seems dead.

I get an error saying to download the torrent from, but it's not listed there anymore.

Did someone manage to find it somewhere else ?

Anonymous said...

i cant find the music anywhere now. the stupid torrent sites either dont work or require a membership. eff that. what happened to the archive-type site that had all the songs ready for downloading??

Anonymous said...

Hello from Australia.Great Blog!!!On the house of next Tuesday when Ren & stimpy are about to use the time machine their is an eerie ethereal music piece.Does anyone know this? artist/title? many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the eerie ethereal music piece on House of next tuesday when Ren & Stimpy are about to use the time machine?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Thank you for this compilation, I just love this kind of music!

Very nice extra work put down in this file as well.

Pogo said...

Holy Shmoly! I'm grabbing me this before the men upstairs pull some strings.

Many many thanks!

Anonymous said...

kemps said...

HUGE thanks! I've been digging for this kind of music for an educational video I'm making. This is exactly what I needed!

Anonymous said...

OMG! My brain swells with anticipation! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me with the name of the song played in the episode "Jerry the Belly Button Elf" during Ren´s Party?

It´s also used in the beginning of episode "Bubbly Buddy" (S2 E23b) in Spongebob Squarepants.

Many thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing!

I'm trying to find the song that plays during the Sven Hoek episode, when he and Stimpy are showing eachother their favorite stuff. It also plays when they're showing Ren their secret handshake.

Anybody know what it's called?

Anonymous said...

I was just stumbling about the interwebs tonight and, praise jeebus, I found this place and the R&S links.

A thousand thanks. You've made me a very happy chappy indeed.

Anonymous said...

By some stroke of luck, I was just humming one of these tunes the other day and I thought, "Man, I'll never be able to find that song because it is classical and instrumental and it was from Ren and Stimpy. It's so obscure I'll never find it."

Lo and behold, you have proven me wrong sir. Thank you so much for this!!!!

Anonymous said...



bnicholas26 said...



Anonymous said...


All super-enthusiastic reactions, so I can't wait for your compilation to listen to. Especially since I am a Raymond Scott adept. But I can't find the way to download this. Maybe I read over the comment where to find the right link, but can anyone please help me out? Thanx!

Kirk D. said...

anonymous, look at the megaupload link in the december 8 comment. And while the show used Raymond Scott music, this collection doesn't have any of it. There are a couple Scott albums available on Amazon, etc. though

enjoy the music!

Anonymous said...

Bnichola526 - I've been after that one particular song too & posted a comment on this page looking for it back in '06. All I can say is whoever finds out which artist did it or where you can get it, please post here even if it's another 5 years later. I check this every few months hoping it will turn up.

Quick review on the toonstruck link above (which does not have that song). I found a zipped file of the toonstruck songs by what appears to be the same person here: It is comprised mostly of more 50's shopping / orchestral / period dramatic pieces with a few jazzy numbers, some of which are on R&S Production music 1 & 2 (check the track list linked above). The zip is in KGB format (odd format which requires a special KGB unzip program) & is a whopping 352Mb due to the 52 songs being in FLAC format.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to doublepost, checked again & the song has been identified on 28 Feb '10!

It's Erik Markman - Teenage Party (which of course doesn't seem to turn up anywhere else on the 'net). Looks like Boris has been busy identifying, perhaps enough for a Volume III (pretty please?)

Anonymous said...

vol. 3 has been made already...
here is the track list;

/A Kiss in the Moonlight.mp3 5.81 MB
/Afternoon Promenade.mp3 3.39 MB
/Agitato in C Minor.mp3 4.05 MB
/Alla Hornpipe.mp3 5.58 MB
/Allo Paris.mp3 5.97 MB
/American Ball Game.mp3 4.81 MB
/Annen Polka.mp3 7.01 MB
/Approaching Evil.mp3 4.65 MB
/Arabian Dance.mp3 6.48 MB
/Aragonaise.mp3 4.96 MB
/Arizona Fanfare.mp3 1.37 MB
/Armed Attack.mp3 3.85 MB
/Asinine.mp3 2.99 MB
/At an Arabian House Party.mp3 4.58 MB
/Barber of Seville Overture.mp3 5.66 MB
/Bargains Galore.mp3 3.70 MB
/Bat Stabs.mp3 760.51 KB
/Black Swarm.mp3 2.08 MB
/Blackpool Lament.mp3 2.38 MB
/Brass Stabs.mp3 442.70 KB
/Camptown Races.mp3 2.04 MB
/Can-Can.mp3 5.04 MB
/Cannonball.mp3 3.60 MB
/Catwalk.mp3 2.08 MB
/Changing Moods.mp3 4.63 MB
/Clown in Town.mp3 5.53 MB
/Club 69.mp3 5.24 MB
/Colossal Monument.mp3 3.47 MB
/Count the Stars.mp3 6.27 MB
/Crazy Goof.mp3 4.98 MB
/Crime Doesn't Pay.mp3 6.49 MB
/Dance of the Hours.mp3 8.90 MB
/Dance of the Swans.mp3 3.62 MB
/Dancing the Hula.mp3 3.65 MB
/Devil's Ride.mp3 8.57 MB
/Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals.mp3 4.02 MB
/Dorinda McClure.mp3 6.35 MB
/Drama Sting.mp3 772.70 KB
/Dramatic String Effect.mp3 908.64 KB
/Drive the Jive.mp3 5.42 MB
/Eerie Tension.mp3 1.54 MB
/Elemental Power.mp3 3.30 MB
/Elvira Madigan.mp3 2.34 MB
/Escape.mp3 1.20 MB
/Fifth Symphony.mp3 6.19 MB
/Flight of the Bumblebee.mp3 3.15 MB
/Flower Duet (with vocals).mp3 3.35 MB
/Flower Duet.mp3 2.39 MB
/Fourth Symphony.mp3 2.39 MB
/Funeral March of a Marionette.mp3 4.07 MB
/Funiculi Funicula.mp3 6.22 MB
/Garden Flowers.mp3 5.82 MB
/Goldfinger.mp3 4.65 MB
/Green Sleeves.mp3 3.60 MB
/Gunfighter.mp3 7.93 MB
/Habanera.mp3 9.07 MB
/Hackney Carriage.mp3 4.42 MB
/Hallelujah Chorus.mp3 9.69 MB
/Holiday Playtime.mp3 2.94 MB
/Horn Concerto.mp3 2.33 MB
/Huckelberry Duck.mp3 3.93 MB
/Humoresque.mp3 2.43 MB
/Hungarian Dances.mp3 1.20 MB
/In a 18th Century Drawing Room.mp3 3.66 MB
/Joyful and Triumphant.mp3 5.37 MB
/Kathies Jig.mp3 5.39 MB
/King Conga.mp3 3.38 MB
/La Cucaracha.mp3 2.03 MB
/Lifeblood.mp3 3.64 MB
/Little Puckers.mp3 1.69 MB
/Lonely Violin.mp3 2.13 MB

Anonymous said...


/Manhattan Minuet.mp3 3.68 MB
/Marriage of Figaro.mp3 9.33 MB
/Minuet from String Quintet in E.mp3 2.37 MB
/Moment Musical.mp3 3.15 MB
/Mountain Dew.mp3 3.53 MB
/Nature's World.mp3 4.29 MB
/New World Symphony (movement 1).mp3 7.73 MB
/New World Symphony (movement 2).mp3 2.64 MB
/New World Symphony (movement 4).mp3 7.27 MB
/New Year's Eve in a Haunted House.mp3 3.24 MB
/Night on Bald Mountain.mp3 5.82 MB
/Nocturne.mp3 2.30 MB
/Only Lovers.mp3 4.89 MB
/Patriotic March.mp3 2.71 MB
/Piano Concerto.mp3 7.97 MB
/Poet and Peasant Overture.mp3 3.32 MB
/Powerhouse.mp3 4.05 MB
/Prince of Denmark's March.mp3 2.35 MB
/Real or Unreal.mp3 3.45 MB
/Ren and Stimpy Opening Theme.mp3 1.65 MB
/Roman March.mp3 3.77 MB
/Romeo and Juliet Love Theme.mp3 2.98 MB
/Roses and Moonlight.mp3 5.54 MB
/Russian Dance.mp3 2.56 MB
/Scarborough Tales.mp3 3.21 MB
/Scenic Action (b).mp3 2.49 MB
/Scenic Action.mp3 5.09 MB
/Scenic Reflections.mp3 3.72 MB
/Shock Impact.mp3 524.26 KB
/Shopping Spree.mp3 7.11 MB
/Sixth Symphony.mp3 2.45 MB
/Sneak Up.mp3 5.10 MB
/South Sea Island Lullaby.mp3 5.58 MB
/Spring Song.mp3 2.37 MB
/Stack of Leis.mp3 6.59 MB
/Star Parade.mp3 6.46 MB
/Stormy Passage.mp3 5.23 MB
/Sublime Ghost.mp3 1.17 MB
/Sugar Plum Fairy.mp3 2.38 MB
/The Adventures of PC 49.mp3 2.88 MB
/The Aquarium.mp3 2.26 MB
/The Beautiful Isles of Hawaii.mp3 7.00 MB
/The Crime Busters.mp3 2.89 MB
/The Entertainer.mp3 5.86 MB
/The Honolula Hula Band.mp3 7.46 MB
/The Italian Symphony.mp3 2.40 MB
/The Kill.mp3 526.14 KB
/The King's Fanfare.mp3 3.84 MB
/The King's Tournament.mp3 3.25 MB
/The Mountain King.mp3 2.32 MB
/The Thieving Magpie (alternate version).mp3 2.39 MB
/The Toy Trumpet.mp3 4.11 MB
/To Death or Glory.mp3 4.84 MB
/To a Wild Rose.mp3 2.43 MB
/Tomorrow the World.mp3 6.46 MB
/Toreador Song.mp3 5.10 MB
/Tritsch Tratsch Polka.mp3 5.05 MB
/Trumpet Concerto.mp3 2.44 MB
/Twilight in Turkey.mp3 3.74 MB
/Unknown Flute Piece.mp3 580.51 KB
/Valse Diable.mp3 3.79 MB
/Waltz of the Flowers.mp3 2.18 MB
/War Dance for Wooden Indians.mp3 3.46 MB
/War Lords.mp3 2.82 MB
/William Tell Overture.mp3 7.04 MB
/Young Ballerina.mp3 2.71 MB

Anonymous said...

(Another link to Part I)

Zer0_II said...

Ren & Stimpy Production Music Volumes 1 & 2 can both be found on my blog:

Volume 1:
Volume 2:

admiraltennek said...

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for never even crediting myself as being the person who ripped and released these productions tracks on the web via torrent in the first place.

Want proof?

Kirk D. said...

Alas your credit has been instated in the post. This wasn't done originally because, as a first time torrent user (I had to download the program just to get those tracks) it didn't occur to me that uploader info was even available. And even if I'd known where to look I wouldn't assume an uploader to be the same person who originated the files.

It was never my intent to ignore your contribution, in fact I referred to the mysterious compiler as "a dear soul (or souls)"

We are all grateful for your work and I'd love to know your source for these tracks.

So did you do Volume 2?

Unknown said...

First of all, you are my hero for doing this. I wasn't even remotely in the vicinity of Ren & Stimpy or its music while bumming around online, and, well, one thing lead to another, and I come upon your blog with your links. This is truly amazing.

This is great for two reasons- first, obviously, being a huge Ren & Stimpy fan, I LOVED the music they used (like most fans). Second, I do video production work, and having a library of "incidental" or "production" music of this magnitude is epic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kirk D. said...

Glad you found it joe, although I wouldn't recommend using it in your own productions because I have no clue about the legality of that. Enjoy the music!

Anonymous said...

admiraltennek, thank you so much !
please fill us in on the details.
were they ripped from records ?
did you also rip part 2 and the elusive part 3 ?
is there more coming ?
thanks again, happy happy joy joy !

Zer0_II said...

I have already posted Ren & Stimpy Production Music Parts 1 & 2 on my blog (

I also have Volume 3, but unfortunately the source I obtained it from neglected to include any of the artists when they tagged the tracks. Can any of you help me out by providing a track listing for Volume 3? I don't want to post it on my blog until I am able to include that information with the tracks.

Kirk D. said...

whoa, you have the elusive part III!
If you pointed me where to grab it I could help you find the artists, the only catch is my schedule is swamped for many weeks so it would be a while, but maybe I could pick at it a bit at a time. Feel free to email me at kirkd (at) centurytel (dot) net

eventually I might do another cover too.

VonCheech said...

Alright ! Another cool Kirk cover !
thank you admiraltennek for the original shares...

VonCheech said...


it might be better to just make a cover for this one...

"The Ultimate R&S Production Music Collection"
Vol. 1-4 combined...
"Included are 497 individual production tracks used throughout the series."

check you email...

Zer0_II said...

@Kirk D. I sure do have the elusive Ren & Stimpy Production Music Vol. 3. It might take me a couple of days before I have the time to upload all of the tracks, but I'll send you an e-mail shortly. I have all of the track names. I just need the artist's names. Thank you for being generous enough to agree to help me out.

@VonCheech: Wow! I had no idea there was a Vol. 4. Would you be willing to send the download links my way also? I would sincerely appreciate the gesture. My e-mail is shockw4ve_x at hotmail dot com.

@AdmiralTennekk: Are you responsible for Ren & Stimpy Production Music Vol. 3, as well as the Vol. 4 that VonCheech referenced in his post above. If so I was wondering if you would be willing to save me and Kirk D. an enormous amount of time and work by providing me with the artists responsible for the tracks on Vol. 3. You can reach me at the e-mail above. Thank you so much for putting together these outstanding compilations. Please don't be upset with Kirk D. I speak from experience when say that album rips and homemade compilations often get passed around to the point where when someone such as Kirk receives it, they have no earthly idea who was responsible for creating it. I've had my rips posted on other blogs and forums all the time, and it has never offended me for that very reason. Judging from the fact that he was willing to give you credit upon discovering that you were individual responsible for creating these compilations, I would say that makes him a pretty stand-up guy. Again, thank you for putting these amazing compilations together. I'm sure they have brought happy-happy-joy-joy to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I hope to hear from you soon.

Nicole said...

I'm late to the party, but this is excellent. I actually got online to look for one of the more used French-style songs (turns out it's #105 on here!) so thanks!

I also found this during my search for anyone interested. I believe they're all on the CD (at least, the ones used in Ren & Stimpy) but it's fun to listen to while you wait for the download, haha.

Anonymous said...

Still dont understand how to get this music

Can someone send it to me by email?


Any help is appreciated...

winthropite said...

Volumes 3 and 4 are proving elusive; if any help is needed in seeding them or naming tracks please send the music my way and I'd be glad to lend a hand/seed. winthropite {at} gmail {dot} [com].

jahwerx said...

OMG. Been looking for and searching for "50-60's ad music, easy listening, bells, lounge, whatever, et cetera" FOREVER, and THIS.... THIS is what I need to accompany my in-car race videos (JUST AMATUER STUFF - NO $$ here folks). Praise you like I should.

Ryan said...

Oh blimey, thanks so much for this! For years I've been buying CDs from Raymond Scott, Alan Hawkshaw, loads of classical stuff, all in an attempt to compile something like this.

The mission is over! Thanks very much :D

andeoye83 said...

Really it's a brilliantly stupendous album.

Production Music

JJ Moneysauce said...

Any word on Volume 3? I want to get a copy of Mountain Dew in the worst way! Zero II? Help a brother out?

Junior 76 said...

Would appreciate a link to vol. 3
Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

Please send me link to any or first volume to Thankseveryone :-)

Anonymous said...

Please send me the Ren & Stimpy album to my email below.

Anonymous said...

I'd really really like a link to the third volume if it's even online.

Joseph Charles said...

First, thank you for this incredible collection and the cover art, which is also fantastic.

It might have been mentioned above, not sure, but there is a piece that is used very often in the show that wasn't included. It's called "Dangerous A," and is a Jaws-like theme in rhythm and orchestration. It's used countless times in the show, as well as several others. It's widely available on YouTube, in case anyone wanted to find it.

Again, excellent work!

Anonymous said...

The download links are no longer working on your blog. Could you email me the album or a new link?

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you please send a working link for volumes 1 & 2 to:

Much obliged, I previously got them off this blog but I had to wipe my computer and then realised I forgot my ren and stimpy =(

coolguy said...

i wouldreally appreciate it if anyone could send pt 1,2 & 3 to

Unknown said...

I would love a link to vol 1,2 and 3. please!! I had them but my hard drive crashed!


tiev said...

Ren & Stimpy Production - 208.6 MB

Ren And Stimpy Production Music Vol. - 414.8 MB

Ren And Stimpy Production Music pt. - 9.7 MB

Stu said...

Hey, Have been searching for the song "Teenage Party" by Erik Markman. It appears in quite a few episodes. Discovered these collections while hunting for it - Nice work! None of them seem to have what I want though. I noticed another anon from 2010 was looking for this song too. I've managed to track down an mp3. It's not the greatest quality but if anyone is interested, here it is:

For some reason this song cracks me up. It's got like a dirty "Tequila" surf vibe to it. Characters in R&S seem to always be listening to it on the radio in their car. Anyway, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

None of these links work anymore, can anyone get them back up?

Cloie said...

Reup please :(

Anonymous said...

Here you all go! All three volumes for download in one Mediafire folder!

Unknown said...

So does a Volume 4 even exist? I have 1-3, but I am positive that some of the music from the series is not on any of these volumes. somebody must have it!! please email it to nickortizzle1035@yahoo(DOT)com. If someone could help me out that would be much appreciated. I can't find it anywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

so has anyone found the rare volume 4? people had mentioned it earlier, but nobody has links to it. it has to be out there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

That episode of Untamed World, where Ren says after the turtle Stimpy lays the eggs "Where he goes, nobody knows."

What is that? - Been looking for it for almost 20 years

Anonymous said...

Hey the link doesnt work ):

Can someone get me a link that works?

Super8ZX said...

I agree, can somebody hurry up and reupload this? I wasn't even fast enough to download it before the link stopped working.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again! They should work again! All three volumes!

Now said...

One day, I can use the previous link to download all but two parts...the next, the account has been shut down.

Looks like somebody doesn't want people to realise that this music is public domain.

Anonymous said...

Is this really public domain? can i use it in a production that is a student piece?

Anonymous said...

These are not public domain, however student works are not bound by the same copyright laws as commercial productions. Google will provide specifics for you.

Anonymous said...

Still on the search for Volumes 1-2. Anyone references or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Heya folks. I have been a huge fan of the first two albums since stumbling upon this site a few years ago. My friends often think i am joking when i insist that the first two truly are amazing catalogs of music. Today i found out that a third album had been compiled and it seems that some are having trouble finding this elusive followup. I found a gent on pirate bay that does indeed harbor the latest installment of these wonderful songs. Sadly he did not go through the trouble of categorizing them by musical style, listing the authors or adding album art. perhaps i will spend the next few weeks tracking down the artists responsible and re upload a more complete list, but until that time a link to the source will have to suffice. i hope this helps a little.

Anonymous said...

I found these great tracks on a video on youtube, and was disappointed that the source was so hard to track down. Is there an online download for this volume still in existence?

Unknown said...

I would love to use this music! Jesus it's hard to find. Any help?

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Does anyone else have problems trying to unzip the zip files posted to digitalmeltd0wn?

Blogger said...

Downloaded this more than 3 years ago, and still listening to this gold to this day. It's too bad they don't make too much music like this anymore.

Dethkids said...

For all you kiddies with visions of titty fucking in your head here is the R&S links! vol 1 and 2!!

Jonas Bond said...

I wish they'd do a CD of all the Ren and Stimpy tracks in order of use on the show...

Sara said...

here is the track list;
/Arabian Dance.mp3 6.48 MB
/Aragonaise.mp3 4.96 MB
/Arizona Fanfare.mp3 1.37 MB
/Armed Attack.mp3 3.85 MB
/Asinine.mp3 2.99 MB
/At an Arabian House Party.mp3 4.58 MB
/Barber of Seville Overture.mp3 5.66 MB
/Bargains Galore.mp3 3.70 MB
/Bat Stabs.mp3 760.51 KB
/Black Swarm.mp3 2.08 MB
/Blackpool Lament.mp3 2.38 MB
/Brass Stabs.mp3 442.70 KB
/Camptown Races.mp3 2.04 MB
/Can-Can.mp3 5.04 MB
/Cannonball.mp3 3.60 MB
/Catwalk.mp3 2.08 MB
/Changing Moods.mp3 4.63 MB
/Clown in Town.mp3 5.53 MB
/Club 69.mp3 5.24 MB
/Colossal Monument.mp3 3.47 MB
/Count the Stars.mp3 6.27 MB
/Crazy Goof.mp3 4.98 MB
/Crime Doesn't Pay.mp3 6.49 MB
/Dance of the Hours.mp3 8.90 MB
/Dance of the Swans.mp3 3.62 MB
/Dancing the Hula.mp3 3.65 MB
/Devil's Ride.mp3 8.57 MB
/Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals.mp3 4.02 MB
/Dorinda McClure.mp3 6.35 MB
/Drama Sting.mp3 772.70 KB
/Dramatic String Effect.mp3 908.64 KB
/Drive the Jive.mp3 5.42 MB
/Eerie Tension.mp3 1.54 MB
/Elemental Power.mp3 3.30 MB
/Elvira Madigan.mp3 2.34 MB
/Escape.mp3 1.20 MB
/Fifth Symphony.mp3 6.19 MB
/Flight of the Bumblebee.mp3 3.15 MB
/Flower Duet (with vocals).mp3 3.35 MB
/Flower Duet.mp3 2.39 MB
/Fourth Symphony.mp3 2.39 MB
/Funeral March of a Marionette.mp3 4.07 MB
/Funiculi Funicula.mp3 6.22 MB
/Garden Flowers.mp3 5.82 MB
/Goldfinger.mp3 4.65 MB
/Green Sleeves.mp3 3.60 MB
/Gunfighter.mp3 7.93 MB
/Habanera.mp3 9.07 MB
/Hackney Carriage.mp3 4.42 MB
/Hallelujah Chorus.mp3 9.69 MB
/Holiday Playtime.mp3 2.94 MB
/Horn Concerto.mp3 2.33 MB
/Huckelberry Duck.mp3 3.93 MB
/Humoresque.mp3 2.43 MB
/Hungarian Dances.mp3 1.20 MB
/In a 18th Century Drawing Room.mp3 3.66 MB
/Joyful and Triumphant.mp3 5.37 MB
/Kathies Jig.mp3 5.39 MB
/King Conga.mp3 3.38 MB
/La Cucaracha.mp3 2.03 MB
/Lifeblood.mp3 3.64 MB
/Little Puckers.mp3 1.69 MB
/Lonely Violin.mp3 2.13 MB

Dethkids said...

What happened to you eediot? No go.

SpumCo said...

Fine people!

All three volumes of the amazing Kirk D's compilations can be found here:

Thank you, Kirk!

Anonymous said...

Working links also found here:

Anonymous said...

Where can I find this music I ripped from an episode of Danger Mouse?

saramos64 said...

Can anyone confirm if these songs are public domain? I'm trying to research it to know if I can just use these songs for some projects, but I can never find a good reliable source that states one or the other. Or at least which songs are public domain and which are not?