October 30, 2006


Era: 1980s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: Yes
Place of Origin: Toys R' Us
Rib Count: 24 (the actual number of human ribs)
Celebrity Look-alike: The skeletons in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
Description: This entry is everything I look for in a skeleton. It's accurate, it glows in the dark, it's posable, it's sizable (about a foot tall) and it even disassembles so it can serve as a "puzzle."
Frankly, I'm surprised at myself for being so fond of such a "normal" skeleton. I would think that I'd be into something brimming with artistic liberties. I think it's because real skeletons are such a perfect design that I wish the toy counterparts to be as similar as can be. Is he predictable? Maybe. Boring? Never.
Additional Info: I've seen this guy packaged in many different ways and in a number of different stores. When I first bought him he was called "Bag O' Bones." Years later I picked up another one called "The Bone Box" or something. With a quick search I was able to find him listed HERE and HERE.
Cause of Death: Awesomeness
Rating: 10


gentle_dissident said...

yep, that's the snap together 1 i was talkin about. i had one a while back but was disappointed in how it fell apart when i played with it (a man's gotta play, ya know?).

Kirk D. said...

Back when you mentioned your snap-together one, I wondered if it was this one. Yeah, he isn't so sturdy.