July 25, 2011


Hey folks, I just changed my desktop background to something more skeleton-y! If you'd like to do the same then by all means click on the pic and grab the full size image. Then consult a local computer repair service (possibly Best Buy) for instructions on how to apply it to your desktop. Remember, it's not your "screensaver!" Avoid that confusion and save yourself about 15 minutes of phone time right there, which saves you money considering their $85 an hour fee. But it's worth it. At least it was to me. Plus they defragged my hard drive and removed all my unwanted script kiddies, although that required three nights in the shop. : (

Ad courtesy of Todd at Neatocoolville!


Coolnesski said...

He's baaaaack... at MonsterSizeSkeleton.com!

Kirk D. said...

I love that old die cut skeleton. If you want to see what the real Monster Size Skeleton looked like, it's here..