January 02, 2011


(click to make them more gianter)

Just wanted to present the latest in my series of colored pencil family portraits. This is my humble tribute to Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, and Aziz Ansari of Human Giant. For anyone unfamiliar, Human Giant was a hilarious comedy sketch show that aired on MTV for two seasons back in good old 2007 and '08 when the world was a simpler place. Once they got a taste of the trio, the entertainment industry seemed eager to pluck them from their home on MTV and put them all over screens both big and small.

This is my contribution to Is This Thing On, an art show at LA's Gallery 1988 that's dedicated to funny people awareness. The opening reception is Friday, January 7th, and I will be there to soak up the hilarity.


Paul said...

Hi, I have just awarded your fantastic site with a 'You make me Scream' blog award.
Happy New Year

EFT Manual said...

Now that's one giant picture!

Bill said...

Was I imagining that you did a Diff'rent Strokes portrait? If so perhaps I was looking into the future, or at least a worthy future project.

Anonymous said...

Kirk. Can you post something? Anything? Im starting to get weirded out every time I check your blog and I keep seeing your "giants" print.

velja said...

Thanks to your stumbling upon this I am now a fan of the series! Thank you! :)

Desi said...
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Gina Kelly said...

I just stumbled upon your blog after doing a google search for info on Dinosaur World. . . love it!

Bill South said...
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Kirk D. said...

Paul- A very belated thanks for the award. I'm betting I missed the awards ceremony, I hope it was beautiful.

EMT- I'm only allowing your spam because it was so absurd that it made me laugh.

Bill- Please tell me what else I'm going to do, and more importantly which ones sell.

Anonymous- Your wish is finally granted. I've missed blogging and hopefully there will be more time for it.

velja- Nice! It's a good series to be a fan of. Lots of funniness.

Gina- Thanks! I'm still surprised how many folks come here looking for Dinosaur Wold. Glad I can provide a landing place for them.