January 02, 2011


It brought be great joy to see Nick Martinolich's perfect reaction as he receives a print of my McFlys family portrait for Christmas. I've never even considered the possibility of such a great response. I'll certainly keep it in mind the next time I'm toiling over another one of these wacky portraits.

It reminds me of a quote I recently read by the legendary street artist Banksy...
"I’ve learnt from experience that a painting isn’t finished when you put down your brush – that’s when it starts."


starman 76 said...
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Anonymous said...

kirk, your "Griswalds" portrait floated across my facebook news feed via MsFlamingo on Tumblr.com


san diego

Larry Green said...

Laughter, It's great. I've heard it said, and often say, laughter is like a prayer. I love the response caught on this video clip. It's the best.

Inspiration said...

Absolutely wonderful!