April 30, 2009


The inevitable conclusion to a solid month of gags.

I hope you enjoyed the binge!


Jody said...

Who knew fake vomit could make a person nostalgic, but your picture of "Whoops" sure did.

Kirk D. said...

While I've been failing to find time to respond to comments, I remember you asked about Adams and Magic Makers. Magic Makers will be taking over the Adams brand an products, but the ancient factory in New Jersey will continue to churn out a portion of their products. So it's definitely a new direction, but the Adams we know and love has not entirely disappeared.

And I'm glad the puke made you happy!

Pearl Berries said...

I am not sure which is more disconcerting: People want to make other people think thay eat that much sausage or that all the pule looks like an egg dish from Denny's.

So that you know, 30 days of gags has opened my eyes to a world I have not enjoyed fully. I am turning over a new leaf from here on out! Thank you for sharing :)

K2nSF said...

Thanks for taking us through another tour of your wondrous collection.

This April was the funnest month ever!

I have to go now and clean up some dog poo, spilled chocolate syrup, and it looks like someone threw up on the auto seat.

Chris A said...

I love the "Genuine fake vomit". No imitations will be accepted!

Fun Inc. always insisted that their "Whoops" was the best imitation vomit. "It look like regurgitated beer and hot dogs."

veg-o-matic said...

Would you mind altering the whole time/space continuum and adding an extra day to April? I really think fake doggy poop needs to be addressed here.
I didn't miss it, did I?

Anonymous said...

That "Travelers" Vomit is the most fake yet made me queasy. An odd pairing?

Regarding the Magic Makers acquisition, is there any chance we might know more about it in a future blog post? Your history book covered the first 100 years so who better than you to comment on the next 100?

Brian O.

prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for a great month o'fun!


The one with the sailor is total LOL.

What makes it even funnier is the sailor is drawn like one of the characters from "Archie" comics. Heh.

Shawn Robare said...

Thanks Kirk! It was awesome.

Anthony said...

that 2nd fake puke is terrible. whole corn kernels and bacon pieces? who would fall for that?

Jody B. said...

Thanks for the response! And thanks for a month of fantastic posts and an always-fantastic blog!!

Kirk D. said...

Pearl- I'd like to see a commercial where a couple sees fake puke on the floor and get hungry for Denny's.

k2nSF- you bet! If only everything were as easy to clean up as prank messes.

Chris A- it's great that real business meets have taken place to determine these vomit-related decisions. I wonder how they researched their products.

veg-o-matic- You're right, I've neglected a true staple here. It's all because my fake poo isn't packaged. Maybe next April I'll cover some "loose" items.

Brian O- I'll consider that. First I just need to double check what info is intended to be public.
I hope I live long enough to write "the visual history of the second century of S.S. Adams"

prof g.- You're quite welcome!

bitter old bitch- yes, the childish depiction of a sailor in a bar is priceless.

shawn- glad you enjoyed it!
you too Jody.

thanks all for your terrific comments last month!

Kirk D. said...

ah, Anthony forgive me for leaving you out of my reply.
I guess I'll have to field test that product and get back to you.

Artemus Gordon said...

Magic Makers acquires S.S. Adams :

http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=306474&forum=36&29well, I guess it's good that the S.S. Adams line continues a bit longer (?) ... but Rob Stiff and Magic Makers? P.U. Gag me.

It's not fake vomit I'm about to hurl now.

Kirk D. said...

Artemus- I've never had any contact with Rob, but I'm definitely curious as to how somebody makes enemies among the magic community; fascinated really.
(Although I'm not inquiring here.)

Stinky Steven said...

I'm glad that my puke is not close to looking like that. But there are times that my puke could have been nastier than that.

TulsaTV said...

I had this fastidious roommate at OU, and someone on our dorm floor owned one of these fake puddles of vomit.

I borrowed it and placed it on the roommate's bed, plumping the bedspread around it as realistically as possible.

When he came up the stairs, I went up to him and told him that there had been an accident in our room.

Either he was telepathic or my acting phenomenal, but he immediately jumped to the conclusion that someone had puked on his bed!

The instant he entered the room and took one look, he relaxed and said "Oh."

Anonymous said...

They all look sickening

Frederick said...

The "Oops" was the one I owned as a kid, and the most realistic when you wet it. I would roll it up and put it in my pocket, then slip it out, place it on a table or desktop, make a barfing sound, and when everyone looked around, it was there! So much fun memories, being the class clown as I was.

It finally got taken away from me by a teacher, but I learned later that he was using it himself to gross people out in class! He should have bought his own.

I bought another one later, and used it many times. Putting it in the water cooler basin was the greatest to sit back and watch. People would bend over, hit the water button, and as they're drinking their eyes would focus on the vomit in the basin, all wet and real-looking, inches from their face! Their reactions were priceless.