April 29, 2009


Who knew that "rollschinken" was German for "rolled ham?" And who knew that "imitation" was German for "imitation?"

See, pranks can make you more smarter.


Anthony said...

the package design on the ham is gorgeous. i love the illustration and color choices.

Pearl Berries said...

First: As the image of the hamburger loaded, I threw up a little in my mouth.

Second: Thank you so much for allowing anonymous' comment in! I have been DYING for a runescape account at a low Pirce!

Who knew your blog was fun, would make me more smarter AND pirce effective!

Kirk D. said...

Anthony- I agree. It demonstrates that a limited color pallet can be a very good thing.

Pearl Berries- I am ashamed that I let that one slip by! Here I have comment moderation turned on and yet I blindly clicked "publish."
Well, thanks for the alert. They are in Deletedville. No more ruining my high class blog.