May 04, 2009


There are two reasons why I'm very excited...

1. Life of the Party, the visual history book I created for S.S. Adams Prank and Magic company, is now available at Archie McPhee! If you're wondering, McPhee is the name of one of the greatest novelty outlets on this particular planet. They preserve the heritage of our nation's novelty biz while advancing it further all at once. So I'm thrilled to know my book is residing in the same room as the Mighty Monkey and the Frogmen versus the Radioactive Octopus set.

2. They are selling the book at its lowest price ever! Since it came out three years ago it's never gone for less than forty-five bucks— but now it's $23.95!
This means that you no longer have to be magician David Copperfield to own this book!

See what J.J. Abrams was clamoring about in this months Wired Magazine!
Order your copy today! Bring Life of the Party to a party and become the life of the party. Make life a party! Now you too can literally bring extra life to any party. Get more out of life and parties! (Hey, I'm like one of those Ad Wizards!)


TulsaTV said...

Hi, Kirk, I'm here because I was reading Wired Magazine and stumbled across your name. Congratulations on the mention and on your book, too, I didn't know you had written one or did art work for S.S. Adams! I still love your Flip movie.

I saw the new Trek movie on 5/7 at the Cinemark here in Tulsa, and speaking as one who was plopped in front of the TV for the very first Trek in September 1966, "The Man Trap", I loved it.

Anyway, continued best wishes for you and your obsessions!

Lisa said...

Congrats, Kirk! I have the honor of living within walking distance of Archie McPhee in Seattle. I will look for your book during my next visit to the store.

I came across your blog via Cake Wrecks. You're lucky to have such a thoughtful/talented mom. I just had to say that your posts are delightful. Thanks for sharing.

Kirk D. said...

Mike- so cool that you happened to catch the piece in Wired and connect the dots. I enjoyed checking out your Wired appearance too! Yeah, the new Trek was great. Reminded us what a summer blockbuster should be.

Lisa- Hey, what do you think Archie McPhee is.. a library? Heh, it's hard to imagine them ever saying that, even if you were to plop down in the aisle and read the entire thing.
You are so fortunate to live nearby. I'd want to stop in every week for fresh supplies.
Thanks for the kind word too!