July 29, 2007


Last May while driving home from a friend's wedding I randomly spotted a wonderful sign for a skating rink in Norman, Oklahoma. Naturally I took a few snapshots and posted them here. To my pure amazement, I recently got this comment from a reader named Shawn...

"I`m speechless......secret fun spot has been in my faves for several months now but I just recently wandered into your blog. As I casually scrolled and enjoyed the show, I was blown away when I came upon the Skateland sign photos!! My father built that sign many years ago and you were right, it still looks great! I had forgotten the place was still open. Dad is now 82 years old and works 7 days a week - still making signs! I`ve been working with him since around 1980 here in OKC. He got a real charge out of the photos. One reason the skateland sign held up is it is made of porcelain, aah the good old days...nowadays people won`t pay for the porcelain process.
We have a few cool neon and porcelain signs in our "collection"... even a Mobil Pegasus. You`re more than welcome to drop by if you are ever back in town and take some pix.... "

So cool! You gotta love it when stuff like that happens. Thanks again Shawn for the great info. I hope I can check out your collection next time I'm in town. And please tell your pop that his sign is a true masterwork. Road trips are so much better with signs like his around.


The Vintage Reader said...

Ah! I used to live across the street from Skateland, and I went to Adult Night every Thursday (at 23, I was usually the youngest by at least 15 years). What a neat photo and story!

Kirk D. said...

Wow, that is just too weird! I love it! I'm glad you did your part to keep Skateland alive.