May 24, 2007


Here are a few snapshots I took last weekend in Norman, Oklahoma.
I know nothing about Skateland or the history of this sign. I just know it's a beautiful example of Googie architecture and it's in remarkably good shape.
I've always enjoyed the word 'land' as a suffix. Put it at the end of anything and I'd shop there. It creates such a great mental picture. Imagine what a real Skate Land would look like. The sun would be a disco ball and there'd be lots of hills with sidewalks snaking everywhere. And staple songs of the roller rink of my youth would constantly blare... Devo's Whip It, Adam Ant's Goodie Two Shoes, Journey's Open Arms and of course The Hokey Pokey and The Limbo. Skateland take me away!


androidlove said...

about 20 yrs ago, i went there with some friends. we were the only young ppl there. we played roller derby. there was a back door locked with chains that made a great place to throw ppl. we were the ill-mannered teenagers. sorry

and sorry to all those middle age ppl dressed in 50's teen clothing who sat out because we scared them

androidlove said...

btw, i'm gentle_dissident. i just can't figure out how to log in on that account

CB said...

I like that the guy skating doesn't have a shirt on. Adds a bit of mystery to what happens at Skate Land.

iamchief said...

Is "Googie" with a hard "g" or soft "g"?
Just want to be able to talk shop with the big guns & not look stupid.

iamchief said...

Um - I was referring to the second "g"...I'm assuming the initial "G" is hard.
Ugh...I'm so stupid!

Kirk D. said...

android love- that's why you can't log into your other account. You scared those adults way back when and you're getting some bad karma. : )

you make a great point cb. There's a good movie title... Shirtless in Skateland.

iamchief- Good question. Truth is I don't really know. It's one of those words I've read many times but I've never actually heard it spoken by someone who would know. I've just assumed that it's pronounced with a hard 'g' like google. but I could see it sounding the other way too. It was named after a california coffee shop in the 40s and I bet most folks used a hard 'g' regardless. Let me know if you find out otherwise.

shawn said...

Greetings Capn Kirk!! Blog me up!!! I`m speechless......secret fun spot has been in my faves for several months now but I just recently wandered into your blog.
As I casually scrolled and enjoyed the show, I was blown away when I came upon the Skateland sign photos!! My father built that sign many years ago and you were right, it still looks great! I had forgotten the place was still open.
Dad is now 82 years old and works 7 days a week - still making signs! I`ve been working with him since around 1980 here in OKC. He got a real charge out of the photos.
One reason the skateland sign held up is it is made of porcelain, aah the good old days...nowadays people won`t pay for the porcelain process.
We have a few cool neon and porcelian signs in our "collection"... even a Mobil Pegasus. You`re more than welcome to drop by if you are ever back in town and take some pix....
Thanks fer da memory jog, your blog is sweeeeet!

Kirk D. said...

Hey, this is so great shawn!
This deserves it's own post. Watch for it in the near future.