April 26, 2007


Hi folks! I'm still all busy and stuff, but if a blog is only as good as its last post, then mine has been pretty lame recently. So I know I can't go wrong with this one. I made a desktop-size scan of this illustration that goes with the old Johnson Smith & Co. Horror Record originally blogged about on Scarstuff here and currently available to download here. This came from the back of the Johnson Smith 1974 catalog and it's the only place I've seen it in glorious color.


eatit22401 said...

Too cool! Glad to see you back.

Dave said...

Nice find. Thanks for the heads up on my blog too.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Ah, the new work space! Wish I had such cool decor where I work. Beautiful-- thanks for the photos.


Max the drunken severed head said...

The comment above I meant to leave at your previous blog entry! D#@n wood grain alcohol getting into my booze!

Thanks for sharing the color version of the horror record graphic! I had never seen it before in color.

Rozum said...

Thanks for sharing this. I don't think I've seen it in color either.

Cupanudles said...

Hey Kirk! I'm back and I just wanted to ask which audio encoding would be best for the Ren and Stimpy you eediot record, 256 320 wma lossless? mp3? Just tell me and I'll upload it! Keep up the good posts!

Master Wu said...

K, you are making the Baby Jesus cry, by not posting recently...

...and, I have been using your blog as a coping tool, thanks for taking that away.

Ps. I used K, cause I refuse to take the time to learn your ultra-cool, secret languages, and I'm not sure how to spell Fuqka.

Kirk D. said...

Thanks eatit- I wish I were completely back, but I'm only somewhat back. Someday I will be like Dokken was.. Back for the Attack.

Dave- I'm glad you've been hosting the scarstuff stuff. You've also been adding your own killer content lately too. Well done!

No prob Max. I'm sure it's tough for a severed head to even type a comment at all.

rozum- the color is a funny thing, I've noticed it's sort of random blotches of color. Very befitting to the product.

cupa- on something like that I personally think 192 is fine, but there are some sticklers out there so maybe 256?

master wu- I see that you are attempting to unload your own burden of guilt onto those around you... even the very people who care for you the most.
Then you proceed to hide behind sarcasm by "thanking" me for doing something undesirable. I recommend you go and meditate now.
(You forget that I was a Psychology major.)

(and Fuqua is acceptible)

Master Wu said...


My smallest little infant, your psycho-babble doesn't impress me.

And your worthless degree didn't help you get out of Mexico...or did you forget who physically carried you across the border? [You] Don't think that you could have depended on that piece of paper to care for your tender fontanel.

-Wu se fu