October 06, 2006


Era: 1990s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: Yes
Place of Origin: Spencer Gifts
Rib Count: 2 (representational shapes)
Celebrity Look-alike: Um.. James Woods? Willem DeFoe
Description: Not only is this the most functional skeleton on the countdown, capable of a wide range of puppeteered animation, it is also the most high-profile skeleton in the bunch thanks to his appearance in that famous 1997 "Da, Da, Da" Volkswagen commercial...

Click here to watch it and note how the proper skeleton can be used to enhance a lazy afternoon drive while increasing one's level of personal hipness.
And for even more fun, have a go with this nifty online simulator that was inspired by the same world renowned skeleton.
Additional Info: While this is undoubtedly a cool toy, I remember having to shell out like, seven bucks for it during the commercial's heyday.
Cause of Death: Overdose of Farfegnugen
Rating: 9.3


Smurfwreck said...

I think that skeleton wants to give the world a hug.

Todd Franklin said...

Whatchyou talking about, Willis? I think he looks like Gary Coleman!

Travis said...

I think it looks like Willem DeFoe!

Kirk D. said...

smurf- the world could sure use a skeleton hug.

todd- maybe so but skeleton 29 is already the Gary Coleman skeleton and it would really cause a stir if I had two. I mustn't upset the people on the internet. I hope you understand.

I have to go with Travis' Defoe here. I agree! (his face even looks scarred)

Todd Franklin said...

I think I was in a daze this afternoon and the voice of Gary Coleman was telling me to type that.

CJD said...

In honor of da-da-da, here is an excerpt of a poem by dadaist Richard Huelsenbeck:

hey – old pig: you've turned fifty but the high school
kids are still dreaming of you lots
They dream: you approach silently with the elastic cane
teaching their behinds what their heart desires...

Kirk D. said...

todd- He speaks to you too?

cjd- and with that a new cultural high was reached on the Secret Fun Blog.
One that will not be reached again.

Wish you could have been here this weekend!

CJD said...

Me too. I hate missing the fun. It's depressing.