October 08, 2006


Era: 1980s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Hobby Shop
Rib Count: 12
Celebrity Look-alike: Rory Calhoun
Description: This well crafted skeleton is the tiniest of them all at less than two inches tall. His design and pose are top notch and he's even able to stand on his own. I shall refrain from cheapening this entry with petty quips and rambling joke-ish remarks, for this skeleton demands respect!
Additional Info: I found this fellow when I was a kid tagging along with my mom as she shopped for doll house furniture. Thankfully, skeleton makers have continued to utilize this mold. I've most recently seen him embedded in bars of soap.
Cause of Death: I said no jokes!
Rating: 9.0


Travis said...

As short as he is, I'd have assumed his look-alike was Alan Ladd. But Rory Calhoun was an excellent choice-- right down to his showdown stance.

gentle_dissident said...

yup, saw the pic and thought,"nice bunch o bones"