July 22, 2012


The comic book ad for the Polaris Nuclear Sub left a lasting impression on countless readers and collectors, myself included.  Now Fun Blog reader Bryon Stump has built one himself and improved upon the actual product (which I've covered before).  Here it is...

Bryon, who wanted the sub as a kid, but never got one says,
"...a friend asked me if I thought I could construct a cardboard submarine like the one in the ad.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be a fun project. I decided that I would try to make it at least look like the one pictured in the ad and I thought I could at least make it do the things advertised.

This summer, after a few weeks of work, I built my submarine.  It was fun and at least I amused my neighbors.  It really is over 7 ft long and can comfortably seat two children (or one adult).  It fires torpedoes and nuclear missiles (with rubber bands just like the original).  It has a working periscope, portholes, and light up control panels."

Thanks Bryon for sharing your cool creation with all of us, and my hat's off to you for showing us what could have been.  For more info you can contact Bryon here.


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Julia G said...

This is FANTASTIC!!! I'm going to build one of these with my boys once they're old enough (they're only 1 and 2 now). Love the control panel, especially!

Unknown said...

Wow! I want to quit my job now and build these for a living! So cool! :-)