March 06, 2012


"Beware! This very moment, someone somewhere, may be giving you the Evil-Eye...and YOU don't even know it. For your personal well-being please DO NOT ignore this sincere warning! "

Sorry to shock you like that, but now you know how I felt when I was confronted with this message in an ad from an old issue of Ghost Manor ...

(The scan came from a really cool comic ad blog called Four Color Promises)
The advertisement does a great job of outlining the product's many mystic powers while neglecting to convey what the Evil-Eye Evader actually is, thus a new mail-order mystery begging to be investigated.

Ebay turned up nothing, but Google was quick to serve up a blog post at Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin that instantly solved the puzzle

To tell you the truth it exceeds my expectations. Seeing how I'm a wee bit jaded when it comes to comic book marketing my best guess was that it would be an incantation printed on cardstock, or something along the lines of those paper prayer rugs you get in the mail. Thus... Customer Satisfaction: Un-hexpected quality.
(I'm so sorry.)

Check out Mike's blog for more photos and info.

By the way, I'M the one who's been giving you the Evil-Eye! Haw-Haw!

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alfredandvincent said...

To make it all easier, you can just buy a charm to ward off the Evil Eye.... :)

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