November 08, 2011


An upstanding individual by the name of Jeremy has blown me away with his Count Dante: Deadliest Man Alive tattoo, based on the legendary ad...

Not only is the concept brilliant the artistry is excellent, I can't imagine a better translation from ad to arm. Check out his Flickr Feed for a closer look.

But that's not all, Jeremy has curated what is possibly the most appealing assembly of body art that I have witnessed. Lando Calrissian himself would have made for a fine subject, but this is Kenner action figure Lando!...

...and while you're still reeling from that, BAM! it's Vincent from The Black Hole!

Thank you Jeremy for brightening our day, one limb at a time.


Dex1138 said...

A: the ink is awesome!
B: I just posted something about that Count Dante ad on my blog yesterday. Cue Twilight Zone music

jeremy said...

hey! that's me!

just wanted to give some credit to the tattoo artist: count dante and lando were both done by callie at art addiction tattoo in baton rouge, la. she's awesome, and everyone should go give her money.


Neal Snow said...

Awesome! If one has to get body art, it should be something as cool as this, not some generic tribal patterns or mispelled oriental symbols.

Kirk D. said...

Dex- Nice to know the blogging realm is dedicating some attention to this.

Jeremy- Great to know the source. Judging by the work she did on you I would go under her needle without hesitation.