December 06, 2010


Here's a recent addition to my ongoing series of would-be family portraits done in colored pencil. (Click on it to see a larger version.) This one is a welcome deviation from the rest given that it could be considered a work of fan fiction. The concept was birthed in the mind of comedian/actor/writer Nick Kroll who commissioned the piece. The family newcomer is a childhood version of comedian/writer John Mulaney. Breaking the rules of my own concept felt odd at first, but now I adore it for that very reason. Why did Nick request John in there? I don't suppose that's any of our business, now is it?


Das Brick said...

Hey Kirk - somebody out there is biting your styles! Go get em tiger!

Anonymous said...

Kirk- had no idea how to contact you other than leaving a comment - sorry it is not related to the post. There is an S.S. Adams article up on


Kirk D. said...

Das Brick- Funny, I'd already seen an even different set of SW family portraits elsewhere. Maybe someday I'll be known as the father of illustrated portraits based on fake families. I can think of no higher honor.

Anonymous- Thanks for the article! Enjoy it I did.