July 27, 2010


Step 1: Purchase playset you wanted as a kid, but never got. (left)
Step 2: Purchase playset you had as a kid, but somehow lost. (right)

Next time we will discuss proper Star Wars indoctrination.


Bubbashelby said...

I had that weebles set! Epic!

Aaron said...

Let's all be honest here.
Who says we have to live vicariously?

Jeremy said...

I can't wait for my son to be here. Not even born yet, yet he is already loving cartoon DVD box sets from the 70s and 80s.

MWM said...

had the Clubhouse. remember leaving the Mickey Weeble outside (though let's blame my sister), and the sun shriveled the plastic inside the shell. nothing stranger than a skinny Weeble! also, i think i remember looking through the camera, and later using it with other toys, but as a laser cannon. as for the other bits, i guess it was on the show (don't remember it so much), but what's a Weeble need with a rocking chair?!

Darrin.. said...

OOF... I SO wanted the McDonald Playset! I DID have the Fisher Price Holiday Inn playset though!

Dano said...

I had the McDonald's set - that as well as the Fisher-Price castle & Weeble Haunted House were my favorite toys from ages 4-6. I just recently bought the weebles Haunted House for my youngest with the original witch that came with it. He loved it, but gave the witch back to me.

narvolicious said...

Holy crap, I had both of those!! I could swear your box for the clubhouse looks identical to mine, as far as wear, etc. ...crazy!

Kirk D. said...

bubbashelby- ha, epic is the only way to describe weebles.

Aaron- good point. But these pieces of plastic will never produce the thrills they once did. However, watching my son play with them is another story.

Jeremy- you are in for a major blessing. I haven't been this in touch with my childhood since childhood. You see everything through new eyes.

MWM- yes, heat=the weebles one true weakness! My pluto suffered the same fate. I remember putting water in the camera and blowing through the back to make it squirt.
and excellent point about the rocking chair. The very definition of redundant!

Darrin- Oh, man the Holiday Inn still eludes me. It's worth 10 McDonald's in my mind!

Dano- Yes, the castle is another classic! Of course the Haunted House is THE ultimate. (Too bad my son can never touch mine.) Ha ha, so funny your boy gave back the witch!

narvolicous- I found some card in the box that said from Nana to "Little Narvolicious" but I'm sure that's just a coincidence