August 20, 2009


It came! It finally came! I just got— wait, what am I saying— I mean my wife just got her brand new Flocked Skull for Girls in the mail. Boy does she ever love it!

Right off the bat she just had to carry it outside and take a bunch of stunningly gorgeous photographs of it. But I guess that's just what women do when they get something so incredibly wonderful. Who can understand their strange lady minds? Am I right men?

My neighbors probably saw my wife outside and gave my wife some funny looks since my wife took this photo.

From my masculine, analytical standpoint I must say the box design is quite eye appealing. Its simplicity is welcome, its use of Hobo font is impeccable, and it is pleasantly reminiscent of commercial toilet paper wrapping...

Who knows why she's so nuts about this thing. Maybe it has something to do with the velvety flocking, so inviting to the touch, or the cheery, eye-pampering hue, or the luxuriously hinged jaw. She tells me that from now on she'll have no more use for my suddenly brutish novelty skull.

So if, and only if you are a girl, then you can get one of these from Archie McPhee Novelties. They will check I.D.


Stac said...

Those skulls need to make out. Then and only then will there be peace between their peoples.

PIG-MAN said...


Anthony said...

A pink AND flocked skull?! That's some SERIOUS novelty you've got there!

I like how it appears to be laughing in the last shot, knowing it's the superior one!

Hollygoyle said...

Oh GAWD I am so getting one of these! Thanx for the link!

Kevin Kidney said...

Made for a girl, but I like it too!

50sme said...

This is just another reminder of why Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! Perfect!

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Kirk D. said...

Stac- I'm kind of mad that I didn't think of that.

Pig-man- well said.

Anthony- That's because it was literally laughing when I took the photo. Creepy.

Hollygoyle- You're welcome. This is the sort of moment that makes me really feel like I'm making a difference.

Kevin- hey, nice to see you here! I like how your photo looks like it was taken the moment you said your comment about the skull.

Really Big Junk Drawer- yeah, Easter has had the monopoly on pink flocking for way too long.

(Best Show) Watch- I'm half honored because I never wrote an article about the Goode Family. So please reprint it, I'd like to read it.


"...She tells me that from now on she'll have no more use for my suddently brutish novelty skull." Just how many uses does she have for any skull, let alone a pink flocked one?! It sounds like this is more than a once-in-awhile need. "Honey, I'm running to the store... do you need another skull?"

Helen said...

Haha!!!! :)

Funny games said...

A skill in pink color looks much less scary and even