April 24, 2009



Steve Ring said...

Why pay good money for plastic flies when real flies are so free and plentiful?

Chris Adams said...

I worked for Traveler Trading Co. in Clifton, NJ, circa 1987. We had a Halloween outlet store and sold these flies in bulk which were left in one of those orange pumpkin buckets. Someone brought their purchase to the register, including a few flies, but one of the flies was a real dead one (they didn't clean the store well) so I charged them 5¢ for the real fly and packed it away with the plastic ones. Traveler Trading is where I learned about the true spirit of enterprise.

Kirk D. said...

steve- I guess it's better than paying for real flies.

and speaking of which- Chris, thanks for the hilarious story!

That's THE Chris Adams ladies and gentlemen! (as in S.S.) Now this little collection of gags has received the highest possible honor.