November 21, 2008


Was your childhood denied the Polaris Nuclear Sub that you rightfully deserved? Well, your luck has changed, there's a sweet looking repro up for sale on ebay, and at the moment it's still quite affordable.
(Just don't play with it in the water.)


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of that episode of the Chris Elliot show, Get a Life.

Unknown said...

That's a nice full color version of the ad. I kept finding those neat ads in my old comic books so I started posting about them.

The Sherman Tank Toy is a popular one too!

Glen Mullaly said...

Nice to see one fully assembled. After decades of my assuming it was going to be amazingly cheesy it actually looks better than I thought!

Thanks Kirk!

Anonymous said...

@Shawn: Me too! I loved that episode.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting the pics. I'd always wondered what the actual product looked like, so you've cleared up a 35 year old mystery for me!
- Flamen Dialis

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

I HAD this puppy! It totally lived up to all expectations except for:
a) the open floor (presumably so the occupant could stand up and walk all over the place in it to engage in fantasy sea travel)which would leave my tuchas chilled

and b)the million steel rivets that held the thing together stuck up all over the place on the inside, creating a million bloody scratches all over your body. Sort of like the sequence in 2000 MANIACS where the townspeople hammer nails into the walls of a barrel and make someone roll down the side of a hill inside it.

Mine's been gone for so long now, looking at these pictures makes me want to shed a tear...

Thanks for the memories, Kirk.