December 14, 2007


A large percentage of you Secret Fun Blog visitors have populated your playlists with the ghosts of Halloweens past thanks to the efforts (and pocketbook) of Jason at the legendary Scar Stuff site. For the most part this gracious webmaster has chosen to keep his personal life shrouded in shadows, but the rare posts that offer glimpses into his world have been met with much interest. As one of his commenters put it "The most revealing [posts] are always the best, it seems... It's interesting to contemplate what makes us gents the odd men out."
I had a similar motive when I asked Jason to share a peek at some of his other treasures (the ones that aren't made of vinyl.) Jason recently obliged, and verily he did not disappoint. Lay your eyes on the following samples and if your brain is still intact I recommend that you rush over here for the full optical feast. Thanks again for sharing Jason!

Here's that link again.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Jason has all the cool stuff!!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Kirk, you're a genius for asking him about his other stuff! I was AMAZED to see all the great items on his walls!

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Hey Kirk where's the pics of your stuff? :)

Kirk D. said...

I can't say I was surprised when I saw how cool his goodies are considering his amazing record collection and other posts. Sharing our collections with folks who truly appreciate them is what the internet was made for. Somehow our neighbors and family never get quite as excited.

raggaexx- Whaddya mean, there's nearly two years worth of pics of my stuff on this very blog! :)