October 30, 2007


Thanks to my pal Todd for the scans.


Sparkle Plenty said...

All very cool and, one hopes, 100% flame retardant--my mom's primary costume selection criteria. I wonder when the whole "must be flame resistant" thing came about? It's common sense, certainly, but there has to be some history behind it. Cheers, Sparkle "Never Yet A Human Torch" Plenty

Rozum said...

Thanks for those great scans. I've never seen one of these catalogs in color before.

Jon B. Knutson said...

Wow, I had no idea there had been a Doctor Solar Ben Cooper costume!


Steven A. said...

All very cool, but I'd give my left thumbnail to stumble across that Spook-a-nanny costume in a thrift store some day!

Also love the bunny in a witch hat mask. It's so... 'bunny in a witch hat!'

Dane said...

I see a date of 1967 on one of the ads, but many of those costumes were still sold, unchanged, into the mid-to-late '70s. Which is when I saw them and desperately wanted them. The pink and white Cinderella in the fourth ad, and the skeleton on that same page, and the Starlight Princess on the next one ... I wanted all three of of them (in different years; I wasn't *that* greedy) so badly I thought I'd die.

Kirk D. said...

sparkle- I'm guessing there were some hideous events that paved the road to flame retardation.

rozum- We owe it all to my friend, his ebay account and his scanner.

Indeed there is Jon. Indeed there is.

steven- I'm as surprised as you that the whole "bunny in a witch hat" genre never took off.

dane- it's the true classics that stick around and unite the generations. Although sometimes it's the stuff that sat on the store shelves for years and years.

Anonymous said...

This is probably my favorite post EVER!