May 15, 2007


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More Spidey and Cap'n America weirdness! Keith Rainville sent this astounding vintage unofficial Marvel Comics puzzle to the owners of one of the great American comic shops, The Secret Headquarters. So why do I have it? Who cares?... just bask in the awesomeness.
NOTE: Spiderman's mask does not typically have a visible mouth.


iamchief said...

I had a Captain America ringer tee in the third grade (circa 1978). It had a full body shot of Capt. with a word balloon that said "Hi, my name is _______", and it came with iron-on block letters so you could personalize it.
We eventually put the shirt in a yard sale...and here's the interesting part:
A lady bought the shirt - with MY name on it - for her son ... who was in the same 3rd grade class as me. His name was Mark.
Thanks mom.

docweasel said...

Good news! I found the missing puzzle piece under the davenport cushions!

Kirk D. said...

iamchief- be glad your mom sold it. I was always warned that the kidnappers were looking for the kids with their names on their clothes. "hey there Aaron, your mom told me to pick you up from school today."
Thank your mom for saving your life!

docweasel- hilarious! Well played.