April 26, 2007


This is for anyone curious to see how my move turned out. I rotated the mix a bit and added more 80s stuff to get more of a childhood bedroom feel as a counter to the corporate elements. This new cubicle will enable me to be fitter, happier, more productive...


The CDP. said...

Your cube looks like mine; all toys, very neatly placed, and no work stuff whatsoever.

At my home office, I rock the iMac/PC combo. It's the only way to roll.

Puck Goodliffe said...

I must know where you got the Yummy Mummy, Fruit Brute, etc. toys from. Those are awesome.

Music Critic said...

That's the sweetest cube ever! Mine is much blander, covered with CDs though.

Kirk D. said...

cdp and music critic- I wanna see some pics of your workspaces!

puck- Those are Wacky Wobblers from Funko. I got the ones you mentioned at the Archie Mcphee store in Seattle (http://www.mcphee.com) but you can find them online pretty easily. glad you like em.

iamchief said...

1. Didn't the facility guys warn you that all that stuff will ruin the accoustics of the sound-absorbing panels?

2. We gots the mac/pc combo as well in our edit suites - with matching monitors! Ooooh!

3. That's a great idea for another post: "Cool Cubicles".

4. Good to have you back Kirk...missed ya!

Kirk D. said...

1. those panels are only acoustic in that they amplify every sound. If anyone's phone in a 20 ft radius rings I have to check to see if it's mine.

2. the ones on my desk are duel monitors for the same mac, (although I do have a pc that I connect to remotely.) One monitor is for work and the other for itunes.

3. there's a book out about that. I like.

4. Thanks! Only I'm still just 'half' back.