November 05, 2006


As you may recall, in August I posted a catalog listing (see photo) that advertised original paintings by Pablo the Chimp. This prompted Flashfink to note in the comments...
"Did you know that Cheeta, the chimp from the old Tarzan films is still alive and is also a painter? He lives at a primate sanctuary now and his art sales help to keep the place running.
You can find out more by going [here]"

Jason, proprietor of the astounding Scar Stuff blog, read this and seized the opportunity to own the work of a modern master. He promptly chose a color pallet (Jason wrote " can pick your own color schemes I went with both a warmer (Red, Yellow, Brown) & cooler (blue, black) palette...") and he placed his order. To his delight, the following art arrived soon after...

Note Cheeta's thumbprint signature in the bottom corner.

Upon receiving them Jason reported..
"I got my two Cheetas today & honestly they are EVEN COOLER than I'd hoped; really well balanced & just loaded w/ energy! Before setting eyes on them my initial plan was to put one up in my house & then one up in my office at work (where I'd been talking the purchase up quite a bit), but once my wife & I saw them together we really didn't want to split 'em up, so into the bedroom they go as a kind of simian diptych. They'll be the first thing we see when we wake up in fact."

He also put together this web page that shows the paintings in their perfectly selected frames and it provides some additional info. I think the paintings are truly beautiful and I'm thrilled to have played a part in this transaction. Way to go Jason! Pablo himself would be proud. Chimp Pablo or human? It doesn't matter.


Flashfink! said...

It's nice to see an artist get the recognition he deserves while he's still alive.

MrBaliHai said...

Let's just pray they don't start painting sad-eyed clowns.

Jason said...

Heya Kirk, thanks for the mention here & most of all thanks for the initial post that sparked the whole thing. Amazingly 5 other people at my job have bought Cheeta painting since then, and we might actually decorate parts of our new building with others. We're keeping that fellow pretty busy!

When you combine this with the fact that I actually FINALLY GOT a freakin' "Giant Life Size Moon Monster" poster, 2006 is shaping up to be very, very okay.

Kirk D. said...

Flashfink- amen to that!

Mrbalihai-ha, for that matter I don't want to see any sad clowns painting chimps either.

Jason- That is hilarious about the cheeta buying trend!
And you MUST tell where you found the moon monster poster.

1992 said...

Those paintings look far too good to be true. I'm not sure about this. Currently listening to Devo "Jocko homo"... How fitting.

Kirk D. said...

1992 you are the Oliver Stone of the chimp painting world. Lemme guess.. you have a 'magic paintbrush' theory.