October 07, 2006


Era: 1960s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: Yes
Place of Origin: Unsold store stock
Rib Count: 18
Celebrity Look-alike: David Letterman
Description: This is one of three "bendy" skeletons in the countdown, meaning that it's fully posable due to a series of inner wires. It's like a skeleton within a skeleton. Try pondering that during your next mountaintop meditation. (You'd just better hope you have a strong soul.)
Dating back half a century, this guy is a true classic. He helped show the world what a novelty skeleton can be. I'll bet this model turned up at some of the most fun places and events of the mid century including carnivals, dime stores, state fairs, magic shops, amusement parks, and possibly an occasional cotillion.
The only thing that disqualifies this one as a perfect specimen is his grossly elongated lower spine. It's two thirds the length of his rib cage. But oddly enough this deformity is practically undetectable in the photo I took. Is this illusion because of the angle, or is it yet another case of skeleton magic? If so.. how annoying.
Additional Info: I purchased this chap less than a week ago in Salem, MA. He's been stored in boxes for five decades just waiting for his moment to shine. This is his moment. However this means that I had to boot another skeleton from the countdown. Oh, why did I invite skeletal warfare into my home?
Cause of Death: Old age
Rating: 9.8


Anonymous said...

I know this skeleton! My uncle had one as a kid that remained in a drawer at my grandmother's house all through my childhood (probably still there) The minute I saw the pic I recognized him, I can even remember what he smells like! So weird!

Travis said...

The poor guy looks like we accidentally walked in while he was trying to "take care of some paperwork" so to speak. Nervously laughing during an awkward moment.

Kirk D. said...

nemo- very cool! I wonder if this one smells the same or if yours had more of a grandma's drawer smell.

travis- Now skeleton #25 is upset. you're practically asking for a skeleton's curse.

Ze Mastor said...

*Sigh* we just don't see that kind of quality and realism in bendy skeletons anymore. Look at the actual human skull! And the separate ribcage with individual ribs! And the realistic and in-scale feet! This is a WINNER! Compared to what's on the market these days for bendy skeletons, looking at your does make one pine for the days long- gone of quality novelty shop toys. *sniff*

Yeah, it DOES look like Dave Letterman!