October 15, 2006


Era: 1990s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: Yes (barely)
Place of Origin: Unknown
Rib Count: 16
Celebrity Look-alike: Donkey Kong
Description: Here's yet another entry that I would classify as a "throw away" skeleton. A funny name for it because we all know I couldn't possibly bring myself to trash even the trashiest one. This guy is flat and crude, but I've got to hand it to him for being the most translucent member of the countdown. And someone, bless their soul, was once employed to paint his eyes, and they did a better job than this piece deserves. I suppose I should also force myself to appreciate the artistic achievement that's displayed here. It certainly required an imaginative sculptor to dream up that face. Speaking of artistic liberties, why is he wearing a neckerchief?
Additional Info: Once again I haven't a notion of how I became the owner of this "collectible." Mind you I'm usually quite aware of the stories behind my junk. I know I like to joke around about magic skeletons, and I often "nyuck it up" with talk of magic skeleton powers and all that jazz, but if I may be serious for a moment.. this is a clear cut case of skeleton magic.
Cause of Death: Toes caught in an escalator
Rating: 2.9


nemo434 said...

He's made out of the jelly that forms around canned hams! Mmmmm...

Is that a jack-o'-lantern faced clasp holding his neckerchief together or has my poor little brain finally overdosed on Halloweeny-ness?

HarveyMidnight said...

"Is that a jack-o'-lantern faced clasp holding his neckerchief together..."

Hey, I see it, too!

gugon said...

The teeth are actually quite scary if you stare at them for over twenty-five minutes. Trust me.

And yeah, I see the jack-o'-lantern face too. Someone really put some thought into this.

Oh, and the pelvic bones are always interesting to look at. Some sculptors really do not know what to do with them. This one looks like a diaper. Which is kindof creepy if you think about it.

Kirk D. said...

I consulted the skeleton and examined the Jack-O'-Lantern face (which I see in the photo) and my official report is that it does not appear in "real life." Which is kind of cool actually because maybe it means that this one is haunted or something.

Yeah, that pelvis is sort of gross. Reminds me of chewing gum, or a diaper made of chewing gum. I have at least one other one with that same pelvis too. What does it all mean?

John Coulter said...

You ever seen a milk jug skeleton?

I just made one. Some plans here:



I sort of combined different aspects of each to make mine.


nemo434 said...

I think the fact that this skeleton is possessed by the very spirit of Halloween itself should score him better than a 2.9...

I'm just sayin'

Kirk D. said...

John- Thanks for the Milk Jug skeleton instructions. They look pretty cool actually. I give them a 7.2 (I need to just stop with all that.) If you post pictures of yours, please let us know.
Anyway, I've actually come across your work before..great stuff! Right up my alley of course. Nice to have you at the Fun Blog.

Nemo- You act like I can just change that rating on a whim. We're dealing with science here! It would be like spitting in the face of scientists across the globe.
I hate to be so stern, but I probably shouldn't even be talking about this stuff.