October 22, 2006


Era: 1960s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Ebay
Rib Count: 0
Celebrity Look-alike: Pokemon Charlie Brown
Description: Does a hollow plastic skull wedged into a vinyl bag really constitute a skeleton? Of course it does. Who would even ask such a question?
Ok, it's a pretty weak entry, but it does get a few points for its refreshing (albeit cheap) approach, the strong Japanese-influenced face, and for just being relatively old.
Additional Info: Part of a gaggle of "Halloween party puppets" from the 60s...

Cause of Death: Partied too hearty
Rating: 4.2


Steven Altis said...

It's not from Japanese culture, but howabout "Dead Charlie Brown" as celebrity look-alike?

gugon said...

My first reaction was "what a piece of junk"! But after spending some time reflecting on this skeleton, I think its "cheapness" is deceiving.

The designer of this skeleton was obviously imagining an alternate evolutionary path for the human race. This is what humans might have looked like if the skeleton grew on the OUTSIDE instead of on the inside. This specimen could very well be STILL ALIVE - with a head of solid bone instead of the skin-and-flesh covered bone which became en vogue.

This skeleton offers a chilling vision of what might have been.

Kirk D. said...

steven- very true! I altered the post accordingly.

gugon- woah, that's heavy. And if skeletons grew on the outside I'd have a collection of rubber flesh!

Flashfink! said...

Charlie Brown didn't heed Linus' warning that if you scoff at the existance of The Great Pumpkin, he turns you into a (skull-headed)
pumpkin yourself, doomed to haunt pumpkin patches forever!

Kirk D. said...

Ha, oh yeah, I forgot about that part of the episode. I believe that was in the Unrated version.