August 14, 2006


Drab vacation photos? Push your stomach through those face-through-the-hole photo-op thingies to achieve an image that's reminiscent of a Terry Gilliam movie or a Pink Floyd video.
(Photo taken at The Big Texan, 2004)


chuckbaris said...

That's great. I bet you're the first person to think of that.

And now I will continue to the bottom where it actually takes me longer to get the "word verification" typed in correctly than it does for me to actually type my comment.

letseatpaste said...

I've never been more happy to see a dude's stomach.

AWG said...

You'd be surprised how often this place comes up in random conversation.

RC said...

that's pretty funny. i've never seen anyone do that.

--RC of

Kirk D. said...

chuck- what's important is that we thought of it before you did it.

And the word verification is crucial. It determines whether or not you are one of the 'body snatchers.'

letseat- I don't believe you.

awg- I'm not surprised at all.

rc- it's a simple and effective move that's destined to be a vacation classic.

Anonymous said...

You horrible, horrible person! I've got that image locked in my brain and I go into fits of laughter just *thinking* about it. I've got a meeting in twenty minutes! How am I going to survive?

Kirk D. said...

anonymous- That's right, all of your meetings from now on... ruined, ruined! bwha ha ha!