August 19, 2006


Someone recently posted a beautiful 1974 Freakies cereal commercial on Youtube, and compared to the typical uploads it's of pretty good quality. Until now I'd only seen this one in black and white so it's a real treat in glorious color. It looks like you can get more commercials if you contact the uplaoder. Watch it HERE.


John Rozum said...

I'm happy to say I still have some of my plastic Freakies that came as premiums in the cereal.

I wish I could remember what the cereal tasted like. It must have been good though. I sure ate a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

ohmylord! I have one of those Freakies toys, too, and I've spent years trying to remember what it is and where I got it! Now I know... thanks!

Kirk D. said...

Well done on saving your Freakies! I have some but unfortunately I had to pay for mine.