July 05, 2006


I've always enjoyed observing the way people set up and decorate their dwellings, whether it be dorm room, apartment, classroom, cubicle, or house. So much is revealed about a person and the culture they live in.. plus I just get a kick outta seeing peoples' stuff. Therefore shows like MTV's Cribs are very appealing to me.

Honestly, I don't usually envy the excessive estates that are showcased. Most of these mansions feel pretty sterile and impersonal. However, when I first laid eyes on Rob Zombie's digs I felt some strong covetous urges. Not only is his place full of fun, spooky, one-of-a-kind relics.. it seems very livable..even cozy. I recently rented a Cribs DVD just to get another look at Mr. Zombie's plunder. Have a look at some screenshots...

My favorite piece is this crazy unofficial Creature from the Black Lagoon that he first saw standing in front of a sombrero shop in Tijuana when he was a kid.

This is one of three breathtaking Basil Gogos paintings which hang above the fireplace.

The "pirate bar" with life-size pirate included

The actual polar bear prop from the Addams Family TV show
Update: Looks like this isn't the original.

A close-up of his Munsters collection. I've always wanted a Woof-Woof doll.

I sure wish they would have given a better look at the rest of his toy collection.

Vintage horror posters everywhere

The walk-in "all horror" video collection

Say what you will about his art.. the man is a true "monster kid" at heart.

UPDATE: You can watch the whole segment here.


Famous Monster of Mpls said...

Thanks Kirk for sharing these wonderful Rob Zombie screen-shots! I am also blessed to own one of those unofficial and bizarre looking Creature statues. It is one of my most prized collectibles in a room full of stuff.

If anybody hasn't already seen the great Rob Zombie video of "Dragula", you may do so by surfing on over to my blog "Castle Famous" where I uploaded it last week. It has all the necessary ingredients of a whacked-out monster musical - the Munsters Koach, go-go girls, goofy-looking devils and monsters, and small children with clowns watching atomic mushroom clouds pass by! A must see! You can see it at http://castlefamous.blogspot.com/

Best, Terry.
The Famous Monster of Minneapolis.

Kirk D. said...

Hey there Terry!

Thanks for haunting my humble blog. I feel like such a stranger. All my web surfing habits went out the window when I was working on the S.S. Adams book. The Universal Monster Army will probably send me back to boot camp!

Please tell me more about this prized creature! What is it made of and who made it, and how on earth did you get one??

Anyway, I added a link to your blog, and I look forward to exploring it.

Cap'n Terry I salute you!

Joe said...

I find it very intresting that for being what has to be the coolest house Cribs has ever shown it also has to be one of the smallest. It is without a doubt a huge house in comparisons to the average person but in comparison to what usally appears on the show it't pretty modest I think Rob has just done an incredible job of space use and such. I still stop and watch the whole segement everytime it is on even though I've probobley seen it about 10 times. Thanks for the screen shots though as it gives a chance to capture some stuff that is missed in camara movement.

John Rozum said...

I too felt that pang of envy look at Rob Zombie's home decor.

As another lapsed member of the Universal Monster Army (due to an overwhelming load of freelance work) and recommend everybody check out Terry's spectacular collection of monster goods as well.

gugon said...

I would move into that house TOMORROW if I could.

Kirk D. said...

Good point Joe!

You're welcome Gentle

Ah Rozum, a fellow deserter. I feel your pain.

Gugon- Lets get some torches and farm tools and run him out!

John Rozum said...

I wouldn't so much call myself a deserter, more AWOL. My heart's still with the UMA, it's my schedule holding me back.

Kirk D. said...

Yes, AWOL is better. Leave it to me to unintentionally insult one of the writers of the Batman comic.

Anonymous said...

Damn that Rob Zombie! Back when I fervently collected Universal Monster stuff he used to outbid me on ebay all the time! I've been a fan of his music since the very early White Zombie days. I think Rob is living out the fantasy that so many of us have had in the past - making so much dough that we could have enough "expendable income" to finally fill our abodes with all the great filmmonster stuff that we've ever wanted! He's living the Monster Kid dream - more power to 'im! Man, who wouldn't die happy just to have that cool replica of the "Phantom Creeps" robot?

Kirk D. said...

Flamen- Yes his use of the Phantom Creeps robot is brilliant.

KidK-I did not know that. Fantastic!
Must buy the new GOGOS book too.

Anonymous said...

You guys are lucky there are no Zombie concerts in France. But Any way I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for replicas of the boots he wore in the Demaniod Phenomena clip on the DVD or if I could find someone who can make them any way thanks for the screenshots MTV here in France doesn't pass MTV Cribs so I never saw that. It's nice to see that he doesn't feel the need to buy a giant mansion like most artists do these days.

Kirk D. said...

You're welcome Anonymous! I noticed that Youtube has tons more MTV cribs clips too. Although most of them are of giant mansions. Say hello to France for me.

Monster Bob said...

Sorry, Kirk, but Rob Zombie does NOT own the original Addams Family polar bear prop. I do. You can read all about it, complete with pictures, on this page:


Kirk D. said...

That's interesting monster bob. I added your link to the post. Thanks!