October 12, 2017

HALLOWEEN TAPE REVIEW #12: Halloween Party: The Halloween Party


Title: Halloween Party: The Halloween Party
Manufacturer: Eerie Sounds Music Co.
Year: 1987
Total Runtime: 30 Min  
Repeats on both sides: No
Stories: No
Music: Short synth piece at the end of side two called “Ghostly Music on the Wind”
Narration: No
Distinct Audio: Fireworks at the end of side one
Review: Under no circumstances should Halloween Party: The Halloween Party be played at a Halloween party. A lengthy series of isolated noises just isn't festive. Nobody on the dance floor will request an encore of “Owls Hooting” or “Glass and Crockery Breaking.” The only party where this album might be welcome is a gathering of nature lovers. All too many of the sound effects are either straight up wildlife recordings, or processed wildlife recordings with spookified names like "Goblins and Gremlins." That's like trying to pass "Ranger Rick" off as "Fangoria."

The best thing about this misnamed record is the packaging art (see below). It served as an effective billboard that could compete with the best CD longboxes. I'm sure it would have charmed me out of my $2.99, though sadly, it was destined for the trash since they skimped on a cassette case. Halloween Party:The Halloween Party was released with a sister album called A Night in a Graveyard/A Night in a Haunted House. I'll bet it sounds more like a night at the zoo.

Rating: 2 of 5
(No audio link available, but that's not a bad thing.)




Tom said...

I have "Night in a Graveyard" and will be ripping it at some point this season. I'll send you a link.

Kirk D. said...

That would be great, thanks!